Study Block 1 – 20 credits

The focus of Songcraft is the understanding of the mechanics of the art of songwriting. As part of the module you will create original pop songs through the utilisation of a wide variety of methods, drawing on a range of stimuli and influences. The module will examine and discuss how today’s great hit writers work, from classic pop writers to modern experimental composers. You will study songs at various points in their development, from minimal top line compositions featuring a simple melody and lyrics to full arrangements.

On completion of the module you will demonstrate your ability to create complete songs in a range of styles. You will undertake critical reflection on the songwriting process and explain your chosen methods and your rationale for using them.

Songcraft is a mixture of directed and self-directed study, with tutorials and group work taking place alongside lectures. You will be expected to take a strategic approach to time management and ensure you complete tasks as required.

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