Did you know that you can apply for ACM’s Integrated Accelerated Master’s in Cultural and Creative Industries  programme (MCCI).

ACM’s MCCI programme enables you to benefit by:

  • Getting into the fast lane towards your career from your A-levels to a Master’s degree, saving a year of finance and achieving this at the same time it takes for those achieving their traditional 3-year bachelor’s degree.
  • Secure a student maintenance loan for the full programme, including the master’s year, normally not available to postgraduates.


If you take the Master’s in Cultural and Creative Industries (MCCI) you will undertake the learning in the degree programme in 2-years alongside the accelerated degree students with an automatic entry to graduate in the Masters’ Programme.


You will be able to:

  • Develop your creative, craft and technical skills to master’s level and will combine these with analytical and collaborative skills from industry-centred projects. 
  • Effectively communicate where you can add value to the creative workforce such as employers and contractors and be able to hit the ground running as an employee, self-employed or running your own start-up or enterprise.
  • Engage with working practices across the creative industries that are connected to produce local and global experiences, products, and services. 
  • Realise your own creative goals and maintain a positive attitude to personal and professional development and lifelong learning throughout your career. 
  • Influence your peers, engage with industry thought leaders, analyse global trends and challenge outmoded thinking and practices

For more details or to apply please contact the admissions team on admissions@acm.ac.uk