We’re here to support you at every step of your journey.

How to contact Student Services

We have a Student Services Hub at each of our campuses.

You can contact Student Services through a wide range of avenues such as:

Telephone: 01483 500 845

Email: Contact: studentsupport@acm.ac.uk

Drop in: Students can drop in and visit the Student Services Hub to speak to a member of the team between 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.

Using the myACM (student app) ‘Help’ button: Our commitment to you is that a Student Hub Advisor will aim to respond to your query within three working days.

Student Services is a visible presence on each campus and our Student Services Teams are on hand to assist and advise you on a diverse range of issues that can include:

  • How to register with a local GP or dentist
  • Accommodation
  • Managing the transition from home to student life
  • Being separated from family and friends
  • Networking to make new friends and contacts
  • Improving confidence and motivation
  • Balancing study with employment or being a parent/carer
  • Handling stress, anxiety, sleeping or eating difficulties
  • Financial advice and support – managing money, budgeting, travel bursaries and applying for student hardship loans.
  • General information on health and wellbeing
  • Referrals to internal and external support services
  • Careers advice and guidance and support with writing CV’s or completing job applications
  • Council tax/ proof of address/ proof of attendance letters
  • Lost property

Online Canvas Module

All ACM students have access to the Student Services Canvas module.

You can find information on what Student Services do, who we are, how to contact us as well as information on external support agencies that support a range of issues including mental health, emotional wellbeing, eating disorders, substance misuse, staying safe, sexual health and bereavement.

Wellbeing Weeks

Student Services run regular Health and Wellbeing Weeks on each campus. These involve activities, guests and information that focus on promoting positive wellbeing across our campuses.

Look out for the latest information and guest line-ups which will be advertised around campus as well as on the Student Services Canvas module.

Wellbeing Advisors / Mentors and Counselling Services

Students can be referred to Specialist Support Services at ACM to support them during their studies.

We have Specialist Support Services in the form of Wellbeing Coaches/ Mentors and Counselling Services at each of our campuses.

These sessions will provide individual short-term interventions for students where they can discuss issues that are troubling them in a safe, supported and confidential environment.

We offer this service free of charge for all current ACM students.

Our Wellbeing Coaches/ Mentors can offer practical help and specialist support for the following areas:

  • Improving lifestyle choices (including substance misuse and addiction issues)
  • Life coaching
  • Strategies to help cope with anxiety (including performance anxiety).

These services are referral based and students who would like to access Specialist Support Services would need to speak to a member of the Student Services Team.

In addition to Wellbeing Coaches/ Mentors, our students also have access to Counselling Services at each of our campuses.

Following an appointment with one of our Student Services Team, individuals can be referred to a Wellbeing Coach/ Mentor or qualified Counsellor for Specialist Services support.

Wellbeing Coaches/ Mentors –

Programme of up to 6 sessions

Counselling Service –

Programme of up to 10 sessions

Please note that the number of individual sessions offered will be based upon need and therefore some students may not require access to the maximum number of sessions available to them.