Rap & MC – The UK’s first of a kind Hip-Hop degree.

Hip-Hop is an incredible cultural phenomenon, blending sub genres such as Grime, Drill, UK Garage and Drum and Bass.

You will discover the history and evolution of both UK and US Hip-Hop, exploring the specific techniques used within different sub-genres.

Submerge yourself in your practical work, supported by our expert industry professional Tutors. You will learn to improve and adapt your personal style in areas such as flow, content, narrative, and delivery.

Collaborate and experiment with your skills alongside your peers from within the Rap & MC Pathway and the wider student body. Working within studio environments, MIT spaces and live venues both internal and external to campus.

You will lay the foundations to improve not only your practical skills but also learn how to monetise your work. Through entrepreneurial skills and music industry knowledge such as publishing and copyright, you will be able to enter the industry with a wide range of transferable skills.