Step into the spotlight of the Live Music Production degree at ACM, where your career in the music industry’s most vibrant sector comes to life.

You will be collaborating from day one! Our program, designed by industry insiders, immerses you in the heart of live sound, lighting, backline tech, and technical production.

Our faculty, comprised of experts who’ve toured the world and worked with the biggest names in music, provides unmatched mentorship, blending technical mastery with real-world insights. From the adrenaline of live concerts to the precision of stage setup, we cover it all, ensuring you’re in high demand from day one.

Beyond skills, ACM’s unique approach includes one-on-one guidance, treating you as a professional on the rise, ready to tackle the global music scene. Our curriculum, enriched by partnerships with leading industry figures, offers tailored units that let you carve your own path, ensuring you’re not just ready but ahead of the curve.

Dive into a world where your passion for live music becomes your ticket to a globe-trotting career, all within the supportive, innovative environment of ACM.

This isn’t just education; it’s the beginning of your headline act.