Explore musical possibilities, develop a compositional brand, and network within the vast potential of the professional music composition community.

High-quality tuition and seasoned tutors make all of the difference. Learn composition from industry professionals who stem from all areas of the world of composing, and all sub-sectors of composition employment.

Whether you are interested in a career in Film, TV, and online media scoring, video game music, concert music, popular, music, or simply artistically focused composition, ACM provides the faculty to develop your compositional directions.

The composition sector of the music industry has never been more exciting and expansive with so many and varied amounts of compositional opportunities. ACM provides an interconnected network of like-minded professionals building and sharing music libraries across the modern mapping of how music composition supports and drives various arts and entertainment sectors.
Our degree curriculum is both industry-current, cutting-edge, continually updated, and, built upon the knowledge and compositional methodologies that have been handed down across centuries of composers exploring, developing and presenting established specialist compositional techniques. ACM’s composition curriculum has mapped out the path for aspiring composers to succeed in their artistic musical endeavours.

A further distinctive curriculum feature that empowers you to tailor your degree, is ACM’s skills units that allow you to choose the learning content that matters most to you. Unique study routes within the composition programme can be selected and detailed for the specialised learning that you want to pursue.

This is your degree, your path, your way – all at ACM.

Embark on a musical journey that’s as unique as you are.