The ACM Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Industries Futures is a ground-breaking course that allows you to gain academic credits for your industry and professional experiences.

It enables industry professionals, graduates, academics and creatives to construct a space for knowledge exchange that spans the boundaries of academic, professional, cultural, socio-economic, ethical, and pedagogical practices.

At the heart of our course is the desire to embed industry professional practice and frameworks that allow you to develop as an industry professional and recognise and map all of the skills that you gain through your experiences.

The structure of our course provides the opportunity to explore, analyse, critically review, innovate, incubate, and distribute information about your role within the creative industries.

A Tailored Learning Journey

Whether you are currently working, a self-employed professional or a recent graduate, by studying on our Postgraduate Certificate Programme you will have the opportunity to review, improve and benchmark your current level of professional knowledge and skills, using a relevant professional framework, with the support of a peer learning community.

Throughout your time on the course, your tutors will help you develop the tools needed to evidence your consistent high level of creative practice or enterprise, deepening your self-awareness and critical reflective practice.

Everyone is bound to discover gaps in their knowledge and skills and you will assess your own skillset and use this to engage in continuing professional development throughout your time on the course. This includes the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer learning, collaborative projects and exchanging ideas, experiences and thought leadership with a peer group of senior academics, professionals and graduates.

How the Course Works

Postgraduate Certificate Option

For anyone on the traditional PGCert Route, you will select the most relevant professional framework and use this to personalise the professional development activities that you engage with whilst studying on this course.

This online course runs over 1 term on weekday evenings.

Postgraduate Certificate (CLOCK Route)

ACM is proud of the relationship that it has with CLOCK and the shared values that we hold. ACM recognises the professional expertise of anyone that is a qualified CLOCK Sector Expert and this special route on our Postgraduate Certificate Programme allows you to transfer your non-formal learning into a formal learning context, achieving a Level 7 academic qualification.

Read more about CLOCK here.

For a reduced fee of £1000 you will receive support from ACM to adapt your CLOCK portfolio of work into the format required to meet the Learning Outcomes of our PGCert Qualification.

This includes:

  • 1 x Online induction session, including a Digital Education Induction
  • 3 x Online 1 to 1 tutorials, arranged a time that fits around your other commitments