ACM’s Post Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries Futures is a new 15-week programme that runs every term.

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This programme provides you with the opportunity to review, improve and benchmark your current level of professional knowledge and skills to a relevant framework with the support of a peer learning community.

Your course tutors and mentors will coach you through the stages of the framework from evidencing your consistent high level of creative practice or enterprise to deepening your self-awareness and critical reflective practice; from engaging in continuing professional development to augmenting your leadership, agility and resilience. These key characteristics are required to meet the post-graduate professional practice frameworks.

You select the most relevant one for you to undertake during the programme. There are currently 4 options: the 3 CLOCK Frameworks: Creative Practice; Creative Enterprise; Industry Mentoring and Workforce Development; and the Higher Education Academy Fellowship. In the near future there will also be a framework concerned with Arts and Health, which is being offered from September 2023.

Whether you are currently a working or self-employed professional or a recent graduate, you will benefit from learning with your peer group in a community of creative industries practitioners. Everyone is bound to discover gaps in their knowledge and skills and you will be able to engage in peer-to-peer learning, collaborative projects and exchanging ideas, experiences and thought leadership with a peer group of senior academics, professionals and graduates.

There are 4 pathways available for the Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Industries Futures:

  1. Full-time at ACM London
  2. Full-time at ACM Birmingham
  3. Full-time remote and online.
  4. ACM Works within the CLOCK Programme.

The course runs on weekday evenings with a reading week and 2 Saturday afternoon professional networking events at Metropolis Studios, London or other professional setting.

Course Details


Post-Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries Futures

Awarding Body

Middlesex University

Modes of study

Full timeBlended

Campus Delivery


Start date - Tuesday 17th January 2023 (induction Friday 13th January)
End date - Thursday 6th April 2023

Entry Requirements

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Application of a Professional Framework to evaluate skills aligned with personal and professional goals

Students will be required to work individually and in small groups using a Professional Framework relevant to their personal and professional goals and will be supported to apply the Professional Framework to evaluate, recognise and validate their Higher Level Professional skills and leadership. This includes their technical, craft, creative skills as well as their project management, interpersonal and other transferable skills.

Students will be able to identify current skills gaps at Masters level and to strategically upskill themselves to address these, individually and collaboratively, with their peers. Each Professional Framework currently offered within this module has its own platform, methods, facilitator role and requirements.

Every student will have a Framework Mentor who will facilitate students to evaluate their skills in ONE of the following areas:

Creative Practice

Creative Enterprise

Higher Education Practice

Industry Mentoring and Peer Review

Arts and Health (from September 2023)


Programme Contributors and Delivery team

Professor Kienda Hoji (All)

Dr Denise Stanley (All)

Dr Elise Plans (Remote)

Dr Anthony Briscoe (London/remote)

Dr Matt Peters (Birmingham/remote)

Karl Gordon (London/remote)

Justin Lyndley (Birmingham/remote)

Catia de Carvalho (London/remote)

Ximo Peris Casado (remote)

Nic Britton (Remote)

Dave Tyler (London/remote)

Brian Henry (London/remote)

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