The UAL Level 2 Diploma in Music Performance and Production has been developed to provide an understanding of music performance and production in preparation for a career in the music industry, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to retake your GCSE qualifications in English and Maths.

The course incorporates a strong element of practical music learning, with students taking part in a variety of appropriately paced sessions which cover areas such as contextual awareness, music business, live workshops, composing, studio fundamentals and listening skills. UAL-1You will develop and understand the value of research, reflection, collaboration and self-reliance, and gain the knowledge and skills needed for the successful first steps on your journey to a music industry career. On top of the music study programme, English or Maths Functional Skills GCSE subjects will also be taken. All students will have access to the full ACM experience, which includes tapping into the knowledge and connections of our Industry Link team, attendance at exclusive masterclasses delivered by globally successful musicians, and participation in many ACM events throughout the year, such as music workshops, gigs, festivals, and much more. The Level 2 Diploma is an ideal pathway to both Level 3 and Higher Education study, and is perfect for those who don’t currently have the qualifications needed to commence a UAL Level 3 Diploma in Music Performance and Production at ACM Guildford / Birmingham, but would like the opportunity to progress at a later date. The programme is fully funded through the Education Funding Agency (EFA) for eligible students. Further education study programmes at ACM Guildford are delivered as part of a sub-contract with East Surrey College, information about careers services at East Surrey College can be accessed on this link

Level 2 Diploma FAQs

Am I studying Level 3 at the same time as Level 2?

The Level 2 programme is a standalone further education programme that will enable you to study at ACM, and progress to Level 3 in the following year. The Level 2 programme is designed to help prepare students ready for entry to the Level 3 programme.

Will I ever learn alongside Level 3 students?

The course is taught as a standalone programme specific to Level 2 learners to enable us to develop students ready for progression to the Level 3 programme, and enable them to achieve English and Maths GCSE which is a government condition of funding the course. There may be opportunity to engage with students from other programmes through Industry Link activities.

Will I ever get instrument specific lectures?

There are no instrument-specific lectures until Level 3, but students can book instrument-specific 1-1 tutorials with Tutors (4 credits, equating to 2 hours per term).

Will I still have to study two years more to get my Extended Diploma qualification at Level 3?

We would normally expect you to study two more years to get the Extended Diploma qualification at Level 3.  This would then enable you achieve the academic entry requirements for entry to the Degree level programmes.  If you are aged 16 at commencement of Level 2 this route would normally enable you to access the three years of further education study at no cost. With older students we may advise that they do one-year of the Level 3 Diploma and then join the Degree including Foundation year as the second year of the Level 3 course would normally be self-funded.

Are there other options to get onto Degree Study that would mean not studying at Level 3 for two years in order to catch up with my year-group?

We would normally expect students to complete Level 2 (1 year) and Level 3 (2 years) as this would enable them to meet the entry requirements for the Degree level programme (i.e two year accelerated programme or three year degree programme at ACM London). However, depending on age at entry it may be preferable to transfer to Degree foundation year entry after one year of the Level 3 programme.