Embrace the modern approach to bass performance.

Become the most in-demand musician in the industry market with the deep skills you develop, and enjoy the networking with like-minded artists that require that low-end know-how you have. There has never been a greater musical period to embrace the f-clef! Your journey starts with Bass studies at ACM.

ACM prides itself on a more than 25-year-old exciting and industry-connected educational experience for aspiring professional bassists. At ACM you can learn from cutting-edge music industry professionals who shape the music UK scene (and beyond) from the lower registers of popular music, and more. Touring, session work, teaching, sharing online stems, and musical one-night-stands all make up a part of ACM’s bass progamme’s instruction. ACM’s collaborative student development and industry-focused tuition model opens doors for confident and emerging bassists to become the in-demand and goto musicians of the next musical generation.

Consider how it feels to have a tailored music education, from your primary instrument, Bass Guitar! This starts with one-to-one peripatetic lessons followed by bass-specific group lessons. Your tuition then extends into important music technologies, theoretical concepts, standard notation skills, ensemble know-how, online and digital skills, live performance and sound projection, all supported by a cutting-edge tutor and industry-shaped sessions.

West End sessionist – we’ve got you! – Live Rock ‘n’ Roller we’ve got you! – Touring urban muso – we’ve got you!

This is your degree, your path, your way – all at ACM.

Embark on a musical journey that’s as unique as you are.