Channel your inner performer. Become a world-class guitarist.

The ACM Musicianship & Guitar Pathway entails all of the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the contemporary music industry, and more! Several key areas that thread throughout the programme include, but are not limited to, technical performance excellence, modern improvisation and session skills, as well as musical directorship & cutting edge ensemble skills. Your guitar performance skills will develop holistically through applied theory and disciplined practical execution across all musical genres that fall within, or have contributed to contemporary popular music. Technology features highly within the programme, and students and ensembles are expected to embrace and develop with emerging and changing technologies. Technologies including digital software packages, online applications including real-time and async work, various hardware components and effects units, specialised equipment and audio interfaces, and computer-integrated performances as applied to live and (audio/visual) recording sessions. middx-logo-sep-2017 Key knowledge and skills that students develop across their studies include extensive fretboard and fingering systems, a controlled palette of dynamic and expressive playing, and applied advanced music theory and modern melodic, harmonic and rhythmic vocabulary. Extensive genre based musical settings, both contemporary and retro-fitted, allow the guitarist to discover and develop their unique sound and voice across all potential performance styles and settings, both as an ensemble player and featured soloist, showcasing their advanced musicianship and highly-tuned performance skills. The all encompassing ACM Musicianship & Guitar Pathway introduces, develops, inspires and launches student guitarists as specialised performance artistes and cutting-edge instrumental visionaries!

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BA / BSc (Hons) Creative Industries FuturesMCCI Creative Industries Futures

Awarding Body

Middlesex University

Modes of Study

Full time BlendedIntegrated

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2 Year accelerated delivery
3 Year accelerated delivery including Foundation Year
3 Year traditional delivery
Integrated Masters
3 Year accelerated delivery including postgraduate year

FHEQ Credits

Degree 360
Integrated Masters 540

UCAS Institution Code

Institution A48

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