Study Block 2 – 20 Credits

Through Producing Scores and Charts you will develop the necessary skills and understanding to create industry-standard charts and lead sheets, which can be used to convey your ideas and compositions in professional situations.

The module will explore a range of methods for producing charts, and will examine real-life examples from live TV shows, studio sessions and live tours to consolidate your learning. Rather than the specialist skill of musical notation, the focus will be on the effective and clear communication of ideas.

On completion of the module, you will have the ability to create professional-level charts and lead sheets, and will demonstrate your understanding through your explanation of the process and description of the rationale.

As part of Producing Charts and Sheets you will be expected to take a strategic approach to the module and manage your time effectively in order to complete the required tasks. The module comprises directed and self-led study; lectures are supplemented by tutorials and group work.

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