Top 20 Video Games from ACM’s Game Development Department

20 Jan 2021

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

We caught up with ACM’s Game Development Department, including Tutors David McGreene, Lucy Harrison, Huda Mahdi, Matthew Stevens and Ronnie Ochero, to learn each of their favourite games spanning several genres and decades. Remember to check out our Game Development course to turn your love for games into a career and become part of a thriving global gaming industry!

ACM’s Game Development Degree

1. Overcooked 2

Few games still offer offline multiplayer, and this game topped it with the option to play with both offline and online players – perfect for me and my family. The game is easy to learn, fast paced and offers the right amount of difficulty and variety. It’s clear that the team behind this game knows exactly what works for its target group.

ACM Tutor, Huda Mahdi

2. Ape Out

This is an extremely stylish game where you play as an ape escaping a facility. The jazz-themed score is generative so how you choose to play the game changes the music being played – if you take risks you get more dynamic music, and the loudness of instruments changes based on how aggressive you play. Each section is based around a different style of jazz, with the music becoming more complex as you progress. 

ACM Tutor, Dr. Lucy Harrison

3. The Last of Us (M-rated)

For the immersive narrative, amazing art, a good mix of nerve-wrecking suspension and reflective psychological character progression.

ACM Tutor, Huda Mahdi

4. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (M-rated)

Fantastic all-out action and great soundtrack, along with amazing character designs got me hook, line, and sinker!

ACM Tutor, Ronnie Ochero

5. Uncharted Series

For the immersive story and narrative, amazing and unique places of historical and cultural value, level of action and of course, the smooth transition between cutscenes and interactive dialogues on the go.

ACM Tutor, Huda Mahdi

6. Pokemon Blue

A childhood favourite that kick-started my love for gaming!

ACM Tutor, Matthew Stevens

7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution (M-rated)

I found this game really interesting from a game design perspective by accommodating different play styles from the combination of level design and game mechanics. On top of this is the narrative design elements that really provides player agency and meaningful choices but generally just a cool game with the combination of great visuals and audio. 

ACM Tutor, David McGreene

8. God of War 3 (M-rated)

This game made me run home from work as an adult and play my PlayStation as if I had no responsibilities. Its all-out epic action and scale is what drew me in!

ACM Tutor, Ronnie Ochero

9. Fire Emblem Awakening

While slightly flawed in storytelling, this game introduced me to a game genre, I never realised I would love so much. Tactical strategy games are some of my favourites to play.

ACM Tutor, Matthew Stevens

10. Super Mario Maker 2

I think this game is just great for anyone interested in game design regardless of skill level. Nintendo has provided a very accessible platform for everyone to dive into the level design in a well-known franchise without dealing with the technical elements associated with games development.

ACM Tutor, David McGreene

11. Mega Man Series

They all follow a formula. I just loved the Metroidvania element and how it all comes together!

ACM Tutor, Ronnie Ochero

12. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a beautiful puzzle game where you move through Escher style landscapes.The puzzles are challenging but there is no time constraint/risk so it’s a very calming game to play (useful at the moment!)The audio also gives you clues about whether you are close on a puzzle through the use of scales linked to actions – which is a really key feature when playing with sound. 

ACM Tutor, Dr. Lucy Harrison

13. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This action-adventure game is in the picture of the best game of all time and for a good reason! It had a great compelling heroes journey narrative alongside a richly interactive world alongside its great structure and gameplay it’s holds up even in today’s standards.

ACM Tutor, David McGreene

14. Killer Instinct 1 & 2

I just loved the whole feel and look of the game alongside the soundtrack.

ACM Tutor, Ronnie Ochero

15. Streets of Rage 2

An excellent arcade beat ’em up that knows exactly what it is.

ACM Tutor, Ronnie Ochero

16. The Walking Dead (M-rated)

For the immersive and non-linear storyline and narrative, the stylised art, the focus on socio-psychological dynamics rather than simply shooting zombies. And the stats board at the end of each episode which reveals how other players made their choices.

ACM Tutor, Huda Mahdi

17. Untitled Goose Game

In this puzzle game, you play as a horrible goose terrorising a village. There’s a dedicated honk button which really helps you inhabit the goose. The level of detail, in such a simple design, really shows and it is filled with sound Easter Eggs. Playing as a goose really gives you the freedom to be as anarchic as you wish!

ACM Tutor, Dr. Lucy Harrison

18. Asura’s Wrath 

The fast-paced anime action is what drew me into this game, as well as the mythology.

ACM Tutor, Ronnie Ochero

19. Super Metroid

Very immersive and atmospheric!

ACM Tutor, Ronnie Ochero

20. Bloodborne (M-rated)

My first souls-like game that ended up being one of my most rewarding experiences playing games.

ACM Tutor, Matthew Stevens

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