Electrical Nights opens with a toe tapping Blues, Soul and Jazz Night

26 Apr 2024

Temporarily transporting Guildford’s Electric Theatre into an eclectic contemporary speakeasy, A chilly night out in Guildford was warmed up by the effortlessly beautiful sounds of Tutor Ensemble Mike, Nat, Sean and Ari. In attendance, Rhi Kinnair and Jack O’Sullivan share their thoughts.

ACM tutors treated us to an exceptional performance incorporating soulful covers, Mike Nichols’ passionate compositions, and even a rendition of a cheesy 70s theme song.

This performance, the first of the newly established ‘Electrical Nights’ events, certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s not often students get to see their mentors and lecturers doing what they love most. Seeing them in action, out of the classroom, was enchanting and inspiring. 

Incorporating a double bass during the first few songs of the set made an incredible addition to the night. The warmth and intensity bounces off of the building’s glass walls, filling up the room entirely with a satisfying buzz that can only be compared to stepping off of a plane into tropical heat.

Nichols’ own compositions with mesmerising drum fills coupled with catchy basslines and dreamy guitar riffs that you could almost sink into, went down a treat. Passion was evident throughout the performance, and the eminent chemistry between the musicians was clear to see. 

An honourable mention is due for their cover of Friday Night At The Cadillac Club, where the jazzy bassline and the sweet sound of fluid guitar riffs make an uplifting and inspiring sound.

Ari, with her powerful, soulful and heartfelt vocals, joined the band for the second set. There really is no doubt about it – her voice is one of a kind and absolutely has to be heard live. Showcasing gorgeous vocal inflections with a range of songs including  The Thrill Is Gone and Slim Pickings, it felt truly magical to be in her presence.

Be sure to keep up to date with Electrical Nights as it seems they have an evening for everyone, from D&B to an 80s Rewind and a singer/songwriter evening

Nat Martin

Mike Nichols

Sean Kane

Ari Tahan

(RK w/ JOS)