Dr Lucy Harrison

08 Apr 2019

Game Development Tutor

Lucy is a composer and sound designer specialising in interactive sound. She has PhD in composition from Royal Holloway, where she investigated interactive sound and music and audience engagement.

In her solo work she creates interactive sound installations where audiences can play with electronic soundscapes. Recent work has included an interactive blanket fort complete with a musical hopscotch, made with conductive paint, and motion sensitive sound created using gaming controllers, an immersive art event in partnership with the National Trust, a motion sensitive sound installation for Girlguiding at Alexandra Palace and and interactive library as part of a theatre production in Clapham.

Learning to work with electronics and gaming technology has given Lucy the skills that she needs to build new, creative spaces for my music. She makes sure to keep an eye out for developments in technology that can help push her ideas further and give her more tools to work with.’

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