Cherrydead and Amethyst – Colours Unleashed @ Subside

26 Apr 2024

With Digbeth being a cultural epicentre for not only its Industrial history but a thriving local music scene, Ethan Noble had the joy of experiencing CHERRYDEAD’s first headline at Subside bar, alongside Amethyst opening the night with their first gig as a band.

Subside is a communal ground for the alternative community night scene, frequently hosting local band performances and concert afterparties. 

Amethyst began the night with an instrumental backing track that instantly set the band’s vibe, a cinematic blend of overcoming darkness. Instrumentally the bands single Daydreaming had me hooked from its beginning riff, with the vocals a blend of singing and raw shouting giving ode to the likes of Spiritbox with great success. The instrumental talent of the band is clear, with the lasting effect of the lead guitarist’s ability to both play melodically and shred. 

For their first gig the band was clearly rehearsed and ready, however sadly due to a lack of crowd interaction, the song titles or band members names were not stated, a learning point for the band for their future gigs. The drummer of the band was the standout for me with his energy and power behind the kit was the standout for me, leaving me energised and ready for the coming acts. 

CHERRYDEAD is a “female fronted metal band making music to express all the anger and sadness you can’t”, bringing an infectious energy that has instantly jolted the band’s image into the local metal scene. 

With many local gigs under their belt, their headline set was a welcome addition, they band clearly know what they’re doing. A Gen Z approach to the likes of ‘Kittie’ and ‘Garbage’, CHERRYDEAD entered their first headline having already built a noticeable audience. Their performance of their newest single Ensnared was an instant standout, described as “a sultry jam” the instrumental and vocals perfectly mixed to bring a unique vibe to Subside. 

 Forsaken Land shows the originality of the band’s approach to metal, with each members having their moment in the spotlight. Keira’s blasting of the drums matched the anger of the track coupled with stylish yet tasteful fills, showing the power the band is capable of unleashing. The solo bass sections offered a satisfying dynamic shift that displayed Kelly’s precision and talent in her playing.  Evie’s playing brought fluid fluctuation from sludgy riffs to ominous lead lines hooked me into the music, her playing leading the instrumental force of CHERRYDEAD.

 Whilst the band work together incredibly well, their energy on stage can somewhat be overshadowed by Emily’s stage presence, a definite standout of the night. She took full advantage of both stage and audience, with her balance of singing and screaming alongside a charismatic stage presence fully encapsulating the crowd. The performance will continue to bring me to future CHERRYDEAD shows.