Sleeper and Joe Carabine Among Top Tracks Of The Week

29 Mar 2019

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A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to end your week on a high. Discover more on our This Is ACM playlist!

Seedah – Do Right

Opening with a chilled-out, compressed piano melody, Seedah’s ‘Do Right’ is an ultra stylish, minimalistic number that would automatically add an air of sophistication to even the most unrefined of spaces. Stick this on in your housemates, shambolic, pizza box-ridden bedroom and you’ll find yourself transported to a dimly lit, underground piano bar sipping from an incredibly expensive glass of champagne. Tinged with an urban, R&B flavour, ‘Do Right’ explores notions of self-discovery, self-love and artistic growth; “because you were born a star and that’s who you are”. Listen below:

Sleeper – The Modern Age

In an ironic twist of events, Brit-pop group Sleeper have awoken from their 21 year-long slumber, solidifying their return with a spot in the UK’s top charts with their new record ‘The Modern Age’. From the album’s get go, it’s evident that Sleeper have vitalised their lengthy disbandment by bestowing a sound that appears refreshed and well-adjusted to this “modern age”. The album-titled song is our choice for this week’s top tracks, accenting an iconic 90s feel, re-configured into a contemporary style. Featuring airy, dream-like vocals, brisk guitar plucks and taps, futuristic zaps and a steady, warm bass groove played by ACM’s very own Kieron Pepper.

Joe Carabine – Maybe It’s Just Life

Although Joe Carabine might not have a vast discography of published music, the few songs that you will find under his belt are ones that need no accompaniment, for Carabine has already proven he’s a master at his own game. ‘Maybe It’s Just Life is a delightfully candid effort that will touch the hearts of indie-lovers and folk-fanatics alike, calling upon the same tongue-and-cheek charisma as Jake Bugg, with remnants of the more rebellious attitude that belonged to the Arctic Monkeys pre-Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino era. With a scratchy, bright guitar and notably relatable lyrics, ‘Maybe It’s Just Life’, will make anyone who feels just that little bit left behind feel right at home.

Jasper Heartwell – Serenity

‘Serenity’ by Jasper Heartwell is a track light years ahead of its time, featuring computerised, space-age style synth, futuristic drum patterns and minimal vocals, this song would seemingly be more in place in a post-apocalyptic world, where silence is the overruling custom between the faint robotic sounds of forgotten machinery. Since it’s only 2019, we think this track is probably best suited for your late-night chill-out playlist.

Let’s Swim, Get Swimming – Sweated Knitter

Since this month we’re all about appreciating our very talented ACM Alumni, we can’t help but include Let’s Swim, Get Swimming’s track ‘Sweated Knitter’ – and its sound is just as disorderly as its title. Featuring endless instrumental twists and turns, this song is a never-ending, hypnotic proggy parade of lavish drumming, well-rounded bass and swirling guitar riffs.

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