Eaves Wilder @ The Social

26 Apr 2024

Returning to The Social on the first anniversary of her first gig, Eaves Wilder captivated the sold out venue where she once began only 12 months prior. 

She loses no momentum. In the wake of a Glastonbury performance and the release of her Ep Hookey, I caught Eaves Wilder before she jets off to Paris to support the Libertines. treating us to both the keyboard and guitar, the evening made for a raw showcase of talent and emotion. 

Eaves sang almost secretively – direct, even exclusively at times – there’s this rising sense that it’s just you and her present as she performs Won’t You Be Happy? Speaking never at you, not always with you but constantly conveying, sharing something deeply personal. 

Tucked beneath Little Portland Street, packed and smoky, deeply coated in an ethereal purple light, The Social enables a grave intimacy that seriously enhances Eaves’s character and performance when she finished her set with Freefall you felt this invitation to indulge, let loose or somehow otherwise let go of that nagging knot near the heart. 

Speaking to me after the show about the importance of authenticity, the power of women in music and the impact of exposure to a wild variety of music growing up, it is refreshing to see an artist whose art appears to be an honest reflection of their personality.

Make sure to follow Eaves Wilder on her whirlwind journey and stream Hookey, then while you’re at it let us know your thoughts: thebuzz@acm.ac.uk