Hello viewers! Welcome to Buzz Magazine a new rag for students by students, coordinated by music journalist and tutor Ngaire Ruth.

At ACM we’re more likely to find new trends, evolving genres, the next big thing or the voice of our generation than any other music magazine. Get involved.

Our students start collectives, and music companies, make music and play live gigs all the time – we want to know about them from all three sites, Birmingham, Guildford and London. We want to hear your voice in future opinion pieces, as well as scenes and trend features. Every issue will also include a profile piece, titled Up Next and an interview with ACM alumni.

Our workshop sessions are on Thursdays from 5-7 during term time. Come along and join in.


If you have any ideas or queries contact thebuzz@acm.ac.uk

For coverage in the reviews section or to participate in reviewing ACM bands and artists contact thebuzz@acm.ac.uk subject: Harry Hammond, reviews editor. News content should be sent to Jack O’Sullivan.


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Single, EP’s, album reviews and live reviews by ACM students. To get coverage or join in contact Harry Hammond Reviews Editor @ buzzmagazine

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Every issue will include one or more interviews with ACM Alumni