Introducing The PG Collab Challenge

11 Nov 2020

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We caught up with ACM Tutor and Bass superstar, Paul Geary, about his new project called “The PG Collab Challenge”, inviting students to get creative and submit their video collaborations to us. Students are encouraged to use our new app, Collab, to work on this project and will later be hosted on the ACM TV YouTube Channel!

Paul Geary’s Introduction Video

Click here to access Paul’s Google Drive

What is The PG Collab Challenge?

It Is quite simply to make and share a collaboration “split screen” video of a given track/song.

How did the idea come about for it?

This idea mainly came out of the pandemic, and the need to perform and make music online!

Tell us how the PG Collab Challenge works?

I will provide you with a track reference and click track. You will then record your part and pass it on to the next member of your band to record their part.

Tell us about the kind of tracks that students can expect to get involved in playing on?

I thought I would kick off with a selection of different styles and genre, something to suit everyone’s playing style and taste.

What devices can students use Collab on?

Download ACM’s new app, Collab, via Google Play or the Apple App stores to collaborate on there. The easiest way is to record your part straight into Logic, playing along to the track and click track, and then record a video to match your part. This could be just on your phone. (if you are brave enough……you can do both simultaneously).

Where can students access the content and get involved?

This will eventually be posted on the ACM TV YouTube Channel and accessible via Google Drive.

How important is it for students to enrich their studies with content like this?

Any type of recording is essential. Being able to play and sing in time, with good feel and groove is so important more than ever now! And you get to see exactly what you look like on camera!

How important is content like this in the current climate of the world?

Since March I have been asked to collaborate on a number of recording projects that have been posted on social media and YouTube. We have to still make music!! Even if we can’t be in the same room together. It is a way of connecting with other musicians, and sharing the joy of making music together. It is vital in my opinion.

Where can we find The PG Collab Challenge when it is ready?

The web, playlist on ACM TV YouTube Channel

Who should students contact for more info on the PG Collab Challenge.

Feel free to contact myself or Ace,

Paul Geary Collaborating on Swing Out Sister’s ‘Breakout’

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