We caught up with ACM Director, Ace, to learn more about the launch of our new Collab app for students. Discover how it works, where to find it and more below! Now available to download on Google Play and Apple App stores.

What is Collab?

Collab is an App that connects all ACM students across all pathways and all campuses, enabling them to collaborate together on their curricular and professional projects.

How did the idea for Collab come about and how will it help ACM students to collaborate?

ACM has always had a strong collaboration element within it and we needed to strengthen this further. The idea came about when students across different campuses were having to collaborate through means of messaging and emails to create music and projects between them. So we decided to bring them all together in one easy app that you could do this with. This helps students search for new musicians on projects and assessments, and gives them the opportunity to put their ideas out there for others to see and get involved in.

Tell us how Collab works?

Simply put, you create a profile with some music and a bio, and you can then search for other collaborators within the ACM network. You can also put a brief up to attract others to work with you. You can keep in contact with each other and you can also put your gigs on there. There’s also a news section to keep up with what’s going on in ACM too.

What can students use Collab for?

To make music with each other, to share ideas and create projects together and to find other musicians to help them with their assessments and projects. They can let other students know about their gigs and their music and catch up with the latest news at ACM, and upcoming student gigs. There’s also an ACM student support page too.

Where can students download Collab?

You can download the Collab app for free at the App Store or Google play

What types of devices can you use Collab on?

Both iPhone and Android phones.

How important is an app like this within our ‘new normal’ for students?

It’s very important, as many students do have the ability to create music digitally at home and share it, but they may not have all of the musicians they need to complete what they want for the project. In addition, it’s a great way to find musicians for your live assessments! Even if they are to be submitted digitally in some cases, you can still partner up with players to create the videos you need.

Who should students contact if they have any questions or require assistance with the Collab app?

It’s very easy and straightforward to sign-up and to manage, but if needed for technical support, students can contact the IT department here: itsupport@acm.ac.uk

Please remember when using Collab to adhere to your local guidelines regarding COVID-19. Lots of collaborations are possible online and if you need any assistance or guidance in this area please get in touch with industrylink@acm.ac.uk.