The most comprehensive Games Degree and Masters, like no other

Embark on a transformative journey with ACM’s BA Hons and Masters Games Development courses, where your passion for gaming evolves into a dynamic career in the heart of the global gaming industry.

Offered at our prestigious campuses in London, Birmingham and Guildford, this course is designed in collaboration with leading figures in the creative sector, ensuring you receive an education that’s as innovative as it is comprehensive. Whether your calling is in programming, design, art, or sound, ACM provides a collaborative, hands-on environment where you can bring your ideas to life alongside peers, under the guidance of tutors actively shaping the gaming world. Our course stands out by offering a unique interdisciplinary approach, enabling the creation of completed, publishable games.

ACM’s dedication to real-world experience is unparalleled, with project teamwork embedded into our curriculum, mirroring the collaborative nature of the industry. You’ll benefit from the mentorship of industry experts, gaining insights and connections that are invaluable for your career or when launching an independent studio. Choose from specialised pathways in art, audio, design, or programming, and tailor your education to match the diversity of the gaming landscape.

Embark on a Games Development journey like no other

With our unique educational and industry connections, our courses are designed to catapult aspiring developers into the heart of the gaming industry, our program stands apart, thanks to our exclusive industry partnerships and a suite of technology that’s unparalleled in the educational sphere.

ACM is pioneering the future of Games Design and eSports Education. It’s not just about playing games its about creating the future of gaming.

Supported by our unparalleled teaching faculty and Industry Link teams, you’ll gain the real-world experience that employers crave. From day one, you’re immersed in the commerce, theory and design of digital games, with project teamwork at the core of your ACM journey.

This hands-on experience is vital, mirroring the collaborative spirit of the creative industry.

The tools used by industry, backed by industry partners include, analytics and platform toolkits, measuring audience and much more….

We have the the hardware that delivers the full immersive experience with cutting edge human performance technology. Our curriculum is designed in close collaboration with leading industry partners, ensuring that our students are well-versed in the latest analytics and platform toolkits.

This partnership allows us to provide an in-depth understanding of how to measure audience engagement, game performance, and much more, giving our students a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving gaming industry.

We ensure that our students not only learn the theoretical aspects of game design and development but also acquire the technical skills necessary to excel in the industry. Our commitment to providing the best tools, technology, and expertise prepares our students for successful careers in game development and makes ACM the ideal place to launch your journey into the world of gaming.

ACM connects you directly to the industry


State of the art facilities

We believe that our combination of state-of-the-art facilities, tuition from professionals at the top of their game and unique approach to creative industries education sets ACM apart from any other provider.

ACM is proud to offer game development courses across three strategically located campuses in Guildford, London, and Birmingham. Each campus provides a unique set of opportunities, resources, and connections to the gaming industry.

Guildford is widely recognised as a cornerstone of the UK’s game development landscape, with a rich ecosystem of leading game studios and innovative startups.

London is of course a bustling international city known for its blend of cultural, technological, and creative industries, offers an inspiring backdrop for game development studies.

Birmingham, with its dynamic mix of cultural diversity and technological innovation, is fast becoming a key player in the digital media and gaming sectors.

Full-time Game Development Courses

Read more about our Game Development pathways below:

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