ACM’s Top Tracks of the Week – Music Scholarship Special

03 May 2019

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

This week’s Top Tracks feature is dedicated to past winners of ACM Music Scholarships, which are each worth £27,000 and presented to exceptionally talented applicants in partnership with Queen, Skunk Anansie, and BASCA. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship, click here for more information – and discover more great music from our finest artists on our This Is ACM playlist!

Daisy Phillips (Freddie Mercury Scholarship Winner) – My Bestfriend Ana

It takes a special kind of strength to write and perform songs that directly address mental health issues, and Daisy Phillips has that powerful quality in spades. Referring to anorexia (the “Ana” in question) in poetically harrowing terms while setting perfectly selected lyrics to surprisingly upbeat strumming, it’s equally unsurprising that this song has attracted over 120,000 listens on both Spotify and YouTube. Keep up to date with Daisy Phillips on Instagram, and check out her diverse discography on Spotify.

Ky Lewis (Skunk Anansie Scholarship Winner) – Be My Keeper

Punctuated by sharp finger-snaps and hi-hat flurries, this is a fantastic Friday night tune that’ll get you in the mood to dance until Saturday morning. Ky Lewis is really making a name for himself in the music industry, and has even performed at this year’s BRIT Awards alongside The 1975 (fronted themselves by ACM alumnus Matt Healy). Follow Ky Lewis on Instagram to see what he’s up to next.

NaMo (BASCA Scholarship Winner) – Roses Are Red

Letting his lyrics spread languidly over a finely produced beat, NaMo summons some serious vibes on this track. ‘Roses Are Red’ marks a standout moment in an up-and-coming career – and bear in mind that although this is a fairly dark track, NaMo is a multifaceted and multi-talented artist whose passion for creativity and entertainment shows through over on his YouTube channel. Take a look, subscribe, and dive in.

Learn more about ACM Music Scholarships by clicking here!