ACM’s Top 5 Tracks Of The Week

22 Feb 2019

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to finish off your week on a high. Discover more tracks on the This Is ACM playlist!

Betchy Barros – Bad Vibes

The song might be called “Bad Vibes” but Betchy Barros is leaving them all at the door. With lyrics such as “surrounded by what holds you back / being hated for being black” and “we need to hold hands and not fight” Betchy unites a powerful narrative with a laid-back contemporary beat. Listen below:


Curtis Lee – Leave Your Love

ACM student Curtis Lee leaves no heart-strings un-wrenched with his peacefully poignant track ‘Leave Your Love’. Pillared by a scratchy, light acoustic guitar and Curtis’s idyllic vocals, the song brings to mind the works of the late Jeff Buckley; who has a similar cozy yet thoroughly emotional vocal tone. Towards the end of the track the instrumentation blooms into a gorgeous, surfer-y guitar solo; the perfect song for your end of week wind-down.


Owen Petch – Shook

‘Shook’ is a track that does exactly what it says on the tin; with ground-shaking, deep bass and high energy rapping, this song is aching to be played on a set of really large speakers. Start your weekend right with this floor-filling, electro-pop number.

The 1975 – The City

Inspired by the award winning ACM alumnus Matty Healy and his band The 1975, as well as their performance at this week’s star-studded BRIT Awards, we’re throwing it all the way back to 2013; the year they released their first album. More specifically, we’re all about their synth-soaked track ‘The City’, with an uplighting chorus and futuristic instrumentation, it’s no question as to why this band have evolved into the indie-pop phenomenon that they have. We can’t wait to see what’s over the horizon for the band – we expect big things!


 Jon Sine ft. Eva-Lina –  Back To Back

Composed by ACM DJ and producer Jon Sine, ‘Back To Back’ is a summer-y, dance-pop accumulation of fluorescent synth, shimmering guitar and dreamy vocals (Eva-Lina also ACM alumna). Listen below for a song that is sure to be a club classic.


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