ACM Back To Campus: Rap & MC Enrichment Day at Metropolis Studios

29 Mar 2021

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Earlier this month, we invited our Rap & MC students to visit Metropolis Studios, where over 50% of the UK Chart is recorded, mixed or mastered in an average year. This allowed students to fully immerse themselves in a professional studio environment, whilst engaging in a range of fantastic workshops from renowned Metropolis sound engineers including John Davis, Paul Norris and Alex Robinson. We caught up with those involved to get a sense of what the experience was like for both students and Metropolis staff as we see everyone return to campus.

It is lovely to give everyone confidence and clarity as students immerse themselves in a professional environment once again. It is important to emphasise that returning to campus is both safe and desirable.

Richard Connell, CEO of ACM and Metropolis Studios

Metropolis VIP Digital Experience

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