ACM Announces: New Album Release from Funky DL with ACM Students

17 Sep 2020

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

Since leaving ACM full-time, MOBO Award Winning Funky DL has been working hard on his new album entitled, “Twenty”, featuring four ACM students. “Twenty” is a unique and milestone album, as it marks the first time any Hip-Hop Artist from the UK has commercially released 20 vocal-studio albums.

“Twenty” – due for release on October 2nd 2020

The album features four ACM students from the Rap & MC Pathway, including Makeeba Smith, James Songer, Lloyd Millwood and Jaidon-Rhys Williams-Silvera, professionally known as Abioseh, Songer, El-Emcee and Teddy Reiss respectively.

“Twenty” is due for release on October 2nd 2020 across all platforms. In the meantime, listen to Funky DL’s new single from the album entitled, “The Trilogy”, featuring Makeeba Smith from ACM Birmingham’s Rap & MC cohort and James Songer from ACM Guildford’s cohort.

Listen to “The Trilogy” on all platforms

More on Funky DL

Accumulating an impressive 61.5 million cross-platform streams since 2015, Funky DL has arguably been the most consistent Hip-Hop Artist from UK shores over the last two decades. Referred to as, “the hardest working man in Hip-Hop”, DL has pioneered his sound, specialising in jazz led, organic and authentic Hip-Hop, which has become revered by fans, who reach out from far and wide across the globe – including high profiled celebrities, such as Jill Scott.

The new album showcases DL’s mastery, by incorporating Boom-Bap, Trap, Neo-Soul/R&B and Latin with variations from Samples to Live Instruments throughout the long player set. From silky smooth to rough and rugged, cheerful to melancholy, the production across the album is impeccably pristine, evidencing DL’s vast abilities as a versatile Producer and demonstrates the extremely high level of class, sophistication and finesse he delivers to audio.

Perhaps the most diverse album amongst Funky DL’s extensive catalogue, “Twenty” provides listeners with a musical richness and further exemplifies that Funky DL has grown into an unmatchable force as a double-threat MC and Producer. Having toured the world over, the album is a stark reflection of why DL receives so much international reverence. The appeal of his melody-driven sound is wholeheartedly self-evident.

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