ACM Announces Access All Areas Monthly Virtual Event

03 Dec 2020

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Created by ACM Senior Lecturer, Hakeem Stevens, Access All Areas aims to showcase some of the incredible talent we have here at ACM on the Rap & MC pathway, alongside many other up and coming artists. The ‘monthly seminar’ also strives to help artists network and get a “Triple-A Pass To The Music Industry”. We spoke with Hakeem about his project and more…

1. Tell us about your background and role at ACM?

My role at ACM is as the Level Leader / Senior Lecturer for the Rap / MC pathway. I also lecture on some of the music business modules and get involved with projects surrounding Industry Link and Metropolis Blue.I started in the music industry at age of 16 and have thirty years of music industry experience in various disciplines from marketing, promotion and A&R to PR, event and talent management. I’m currently completing my MA in Music Business Management at UWL and I also lecture at UWL on their BA Music Business course

2. What is “Access All Areas” and what does it aim to achieve?

I launched a music education brand this year called Access All Areas as a monthly seminar, new artist showcase and networking series with Tileyard Impact streamed live from Kings Cross which is the new home of the UK Music Business. I’ve always had a passion to promote new talent both on the artist and executive side and AAA is the conduit for me to help people. I used AAA as a Trojan horse to open opportunities for myself to teach. But also to educate and showcase new creative talent and mentor the new generation of Music executives. We specifically target young people who are fans of Black Music, from ethnic minority backgrounds and who are NEET (not in education or training) to give them opportunities and guidance about the music industry.

3. Which ACM students are participating and what can we expect?

We have chosen 6 of the most talented artists from the Rap / MC pathway and given them an opportunity to showcase their talent and lyrical dexterity in a Rap Cipher. I hand picked 4 students from their level 5 pathway and level 4 pathway that are talented up and coming MCs. These students are LXDXP, Just Harry, Dave Moore, Baggins, Lutz and KayZee and I’m excited to hear them going back to back in the cipher bringing their very best bars!

4. How can students get involved in events like this in the future?

I’m currently cherry picking the best MCs from the Rap & MC pathway based on their talent and attitude. We will be giving them opportunities every month either on stage or behind the scenes. We will also be opening this up to other students next who perform within the various sub genres of Black Music from RnB to Hip-Hop and Reggae to Drum & Bass. I plan to give one ACM student an opportunity every month on this event both on stage and behind the scenes. We are also planning a very special version of Access All Areas for the wider Hip-Hop community at ACM and we should be announcing more info about that before Xmas.

5. Where can we learn more about the event and register?

You can register for free tickets for this event via this link on eventbrite to watch the live stream:

Register for Access All Areas #LockdownLive Event – SIGN-UP NOW

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