ACM Announces: Winner of MMF Student Trailblazer Award, Student Lewis Smith.

02 Feb 2021

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We are proud to announce that ACM Business Degree Student, Lewis Smith, has won the inaugural MMF Student Trailblazer Award for his management company, Slickr Mgmt, established during his studies here at ACM. We caught up with Lewis to learn more about the MMF Award, his experience at ACM and more…

From day 1 Lewis has shown a great work ethic towards his studies and co-curricular activity and is thoroughly deserving of this award.

Business Tutor, David Cronen

What is the MMF Student Trailblazer Award?

The MMF Student Trailblazer Award recognises one promising student from each MMF partner University who has shown enterprise and enthusiasm for music management in the past twelve months. They consider students who have engaged enthusiastically in their music industry course and shown passion for music management. Particular students who apply their learning to real life situations, giving them the chance to attend national music industry events and spotlight features.

What does this award mean to you? How does it feel to have won?

ACM Business Degree Student, Lewis Smith

To be able to do what I love everyday is an achievement in itself for me, so to be recognised for it is a feeling I can never describe. I come from a family of Gypsy/ Travellers, where educational roles are quite often unheard of within my culture. For me to break down the barrier of my community and do something that not many have done before, is something I definitely pride myself in. These sense of achievements always push me to reach the next level and never deliver short and I am beginning to see all my hard work pay off.

Tell us more about your management company, Slickr? 

Slickr Mgmt is a Music Management company from the South Coast of England, which I launched at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic in March 2020. We pride ourselves in catering the best team for the Artist/Band, carving the path for aspiring musicians to reach the next level in their careers. Specialising in Indie Pop Bands/Artists, we provide day to day management, planning skills and negotiations and are there to build a bridge for our artist’s to move into the industry and take the launch. Starting a company in the middle of a pandemic sounds crazy, especially in the music world, but it has given me a chance to learn, introduce myself to new people (online) and get the hands on experience I needed.

What are you studying at ACM and how has the course helped you?


I study Music Business and Innovation on the Degree course and I am in my final year. I was lucky enough to receive the Keith Lowde scholarship, which has enabled me to do what I love without restrictions, after attending ACM’s Diploma Performance course. Coming back to ACM was the best decision I made, as it has opened many doors and opportunities to be able to launch Slickr Mgmt and also work for Brutalist Mgmt, who I have recently started working with. The real life scenarios in lectures and learning from the best in the industry, has taught me all I needed to know and I have met many life-long friends along the way.

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