This Week at ACM: Metropolis, Fontzerelli Masterclass and more.

22 Nov 2021

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Last Week in the Music Industry


TIDAL is planning to launch a user-centric royalties’ system for a new $19.99 HiFi Plus membership option.
Starting in 2022, the music streaming service is planning to adopt what it calls a ‘Fan-centred royalties’ approach for its new HiFi Plus members, and it says that it has the support from the “vast majority of its record label and distributor partners”.

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NFTs that began life as artworks of cartoon apes are now forming ‘metaverse’ bands and are raising serious cash too.

The $1.3 billion valued DistroKid is collaborating with 10,000 independent musicians to mint 10,000 unique and collectable NFTs that commemorate the music of each artist.

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Metropolis Downtime is Back!

In case you missed it: Metropolis Downtime is BACK! ACM students will have the opportunity to record at the world-famous Metropolis Studios on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

The first time slot has already been booked, but please keep your eyes peeled for the next available booking. To find out more about Metropolis Downtime, click the button below.

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Performance Masterclass with Fontzerelli

Fontzerelli is a seasoned, well-versed and highly experienced performer with an eye and ear for good quality performance. Whilst performing concerts with his peers, both known as well as up and coming, Fontzerelli sensed there was a lack of artistic development in their live performances which often left him feeling underwhelmed after shows. His performance coaching and mentoring services were born as a result.

Fontzerelli believes that connecting with your audience and having them experience exactly what you are feeling while performing live on stage, is the goal of any artist’s live performance.

This Masterclass is open to all students on all campuses, if you’re interested in travelling down to the Guildford campus for this then please get in touch at

Book your ticket on the myACM portal.

Upcoming Events

Are you looking for a full-time music career? Would you like the opportunity to teach children how to be in their very own Rock & Pop Bands? If this sounds like you then this masterclass will be perfect for you.

We welcome iRock School to discuss careers at ACM in this masterclass. Click here to find out more.

Student Support

It’s good to talk. Talking can be a way to cope with a problem you’ve been carrying around in your head for a while. It can be a massive relief to bring the thoughts in your head out into the open, it helps you to process what exactly is causing you harm, frustration, anger or distress. 

Written by ACM safeguarding lead Chris East, this helpful blog details ways you can talk about mental wellbeing, with advice on opening up to others or providing support to those who are talking to you. 

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