At ACM we want you to always have confidence and clarity about the choices you make for your future.

That’s why we have designed the role of the Subject Specialist.

Each Subject Specialists is a working professional with a huge amount of real world experience.

They are a dedicated support for you from the point you register an interest all the way through to graduation and beyond.

The Subject Specialist alongside our dedicated Applicant Advisors will help you with all aspects of the Application process and will also support you to get audition ready, offering one to one tutorials alongside dedicated bootcamps all designed to give you total confidence.

They can talk you through your pathway and subject choices as well as give you detailed insights into what you can expect to study and experience in your time with ACM. Think of them as your very own tutor when it comes to considering your time with ACM.

You are welcome to contact them at any time to ask questions or book a tutorial. The Subject Specialist are here to help so please let them know if you need any advice at all.

Adam Pain

Diploma Subject Specialist

Amy Walton

Vocal Subject Specialist

Alex Creese

Diploma Specialist

Brian Henry

Creative Artist / Keys Subject Specialist

David McGreene

Game Development Subject Specialist

Jay Picasso

Rap & MC Subject Specialist

Joe Yoshida

Performance Tutor

Nic Britton

Music Production Subject Specialist

Paul Ressel

Music Production Subject Specialist

Shea Stedford

Music Production Subject Specialist

Tim Hawes

Creative Artist Subject Specialist

Scott McGill

Guitar Subject Specialist