Shea Stedford

Career credits

2x Library Music Award Nominee, Recording Engineer – Little Mix – DNA Album, Released music on well-respected Drum and Bass Labels, 2x Resident DJ – ZigZag – Malia, Owner of Pro EMP – Electronic Music Consultancy


Shea has been a producer, DJ and engineer with over 15 years of industry experience. He has held multiple DJ residencies across Europe and has worked for production houses like Xenomania whilst engineering in studios such as Streaky Mastering.

He has engineered for artists including Little Mix, Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, MNEK and Donae’o, produced production music for Warner Chappell, Boost and Counter Music with ongoing syncs for networks including BBC, BT Sport, Discovery Channel, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Shea has also released Electronic Dance music on Labels such as Soulvent Records, BETA recordings, SoulDeep and House Essentials.”

Shea says: “As an ex ACM student myself I can honestly say that the ACM experience played an essential part in my success in the music industry.

I came to ACM with tunnel vision, wanting to make Drum and Bass and with no interest in anything else.

After being shown all the various key areas of the industry within my Modules I gained huge respect and love for business, recording, engineering and sound design. I got the chance to collaborate with both my peers and tutors which ended up leading on to industry opportunities, long-lasting work and relationships that continue to this day.

If I could give one piece of advice to prospective students it would be: Be opened minded and trust that everything you will learn is essential in building a foundation for every possible avenue In the music industry.

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Tutor Discipline

Music Production Tutors


Music Production & Creative Sound Engineering (CMP) Electronic Music Production & Creative Sound Design (EMP)


My role as a subject specialist is to support current and prospective students from the start of their ACM journey all the way through to the end

Being a Subject specialist means exactly that, being a specialist in music production and being able to guide the next generation of producers and engineers

My Career background includes DJing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering and of course production and my expertise lie in the production and engineering of electronic Dance music from house to Drum and Bass

I am a production subject specialist, on this pathway, you can expect to cover all aspects of production from the science of sound through to performing live with technology and also the music business.

The audition process for production consists of an interview where the candidate will be asked to present a portfolio of their work so far.

The best advice i can give for any auditionee is to just be yourself, show us that you are hungry to learn and succeed. We are not looking for someone who knows it all already, we are looking for ambition and enthusiasm.

You might want to reach out to me as a subject specialist to get some support for our audition or to get some general information about an aspect of music production or engineering, i am here to help.

It is important to me to pass on my knowledge as a subject specialist because i appreciated how valuable it was for me. Progression on your own can only get you so far, when you start to get input from people who have been there and lived it, that’s when more opportunities arrive.

ACM stands out for me because of its outlook on education within this field, being taught by tutors who are still active in the industry and being able to freely explore your passion with other like-minded people.

My top piece of advice for people looking for a career in the music industry would be to say yes. If an opportunity comes up, say yes to it, if its not for you then that’s fine, at least you have experienced it. I said yes to an impromptu recording session as a well-know production house i was running for. That turned into a 3-year engineering job.

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