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ACM Podcast: X Factor Audition Techniques with SYCO Music’s Russell Hunt

27 Jun 2019

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Launched on 7th May 2019, ACM are excited to unveil our new range of podcasts. Stream our latest bite sized recording of SYCO’s Russell Hunt to learn about audition techniques, top tips for working within the music industry and making it as an A&R rep.

Russell Hunt of SYCO Music discusses what life is like working in A&R, how to stand out of the crowd at an audition, and the industry’s top tips for audition preparation.

Russell is also an ex-student of ACM, having studied Music Business, so we sat down to find out all about what he’s been up to since graduating. A must-listen for students interested in A&R or for those wanting to get a leg up over other artists in the auditioning world.

Here is just one of Russell’s top tips:

Listen to our full podcast with Russell Hunt on Soundcloud:

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