Metropolis Blue: Ace Discusses ACM’s Student Label

01 Dec 2020

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We caught up with ACM’s Director of Creative Industry Development, Ace, to learn more about our student label, Metropolis Blue! Students – make sure to join us for our next Metropolis Blue meeting this Friday at 12:15 PM!

What is Metropolis Blue?

Metropolis Blue is a student label run by ACM, for the students and alumni, across all pathways, and is split into divisions and roles to reflect the workings of a real working label. From developing artists through to management, A&R and building engagement teams, the label will provide an opportunity for both creative artists and business focused students.

How did the idea come about for Metropolis Blue?

The idea came from the necessity to give students the experience and insight into all aspects of running a label, from production to A&R.

Tell us how Metropolis Blue works?

The label is run by ACM, for the students and alumni. Each participant will be assigned an Industry Mentor who is a specialist within the field that a particular student is working in. Each participant will experience what it’s like to be associated with a Label within their chosen area. 

What ways can students get involved?

Both students and alumni can get involved with our label in 2 ways:

Join the label team. Get involved across all different divisions of a record label, from A&R to PR, design, promotion, booking and more. Learn by doing and gain great experience for your CV.

Release music through Metropolis Blue. Get the full support from a complete label team who will help you develop a plan and strategy for your music.

How important is it for students to enrich their studies with co-curricular studies like this?

At ACM our ethos is “Learn By Doing” and with this student label, that is exactly what students are doing. By gaining this first-hand experience students are able to mix with industry professionals as they build genuine industry experience as well as a portfolio for when they graduate. 

Who will be signed to the label?

We will be taking each signing on a case-by-case basis but intend to be inclusive and representative of all bands, singers, songwriters, producers, hip-hop, grime and underground music.

How important is Metropolis Blue in the current climate of the Music Industry?

Met Blue is more important than ever given the current climate. As Live Gigs are on hold, the industry model is purely focused on expanding digital fan bases and growing engagement. We will be equipping students with the tools to succeed in both a digital sense as well as a traditional one. 

Where can students apply to Metropolis Blue and get involved?

Students can submit an application via our Google Form or on our event page. Students should be sure to join our bi-weekly Zoom meetings, they happen on a Friday between 12 and 12:30. The link is also available via Industry Link Canvas. 

Our next meeting is on Friday 4th December at 12:15PM:

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