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Announcing… BA (Hons) Game Development at ACM London

16 May 2018

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We are very excited to announce that our 2018 courses now include Game Development, with specific pathways in Programming, Design, Art, and Audio.

If your ambition is to make games, then this course, run in conjunction with creative industry leaders Falmouth University and taught from our ACM London campus, builds the skills you need to fulfil that dream and carve out a career in gaming.

Whether you want to be a programmer, a designer, an artist, or sound designer, you can put your knowledge into practice with your fellow students, supported by tutors who are working at the heart of the gaming industry.

Register to our Open Day at ACM London on Friday 25th May to find out everything about our Game Development Degree.

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Why Game Development at ACM?

The Creative Industries are converging. As technology advances, and social behaviours adapt towards ubiquity, where people want everything, everywhere, without paying the earth for it, it becomes harder and harder to distinguish between the functionality, edges and objectives of consumer devices and their respective fathering industries. For whether you’re investing in a mobile telephone, a television, a games console or a sound system of sorts, you’re largely buying into the concept of a does-it-all black box that offers cross-over and competition with a bunch of those other devices.

Game Development 3In the early 2000’s, music was the first of the creative industries to go through huge change as a result of technological advance, where new business models and new ways of working had to be found. Having coached over 10,000 graduates through this time, many of whom are now out there in decision-making positions all over the music industry, fundamentally changing and fixing what was once broken, we continue to reflect the changing face of the music industry, and adapt our courses offered accordingly.

With many of our graduates now seeing themselves as employees of the wider Creative Industries, we are continuing to reflect such change in the courses we offer. We couldn’t think of a better partner than Falmouth University, the UK’s number one Arts University, to work on this exciting new project with.

Course Overview

Course Overview

Throughout the course, you’ll learn about the commerce, theory and design of digital games. As you progress, and 
in true ACM style, project teamwork will be at the heart of your learning experience, as recommended by the creative industry. You’ll also be paired with an expert Mentor, who’ll offer a unique insight into the industry and help you build contacts.

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All of the knowledge acquired along the way is complemented by the development of skills that are gained in your specialist area. There are four to choose from (art, audio, design or programming), given the diversity of the gaming industry.

You’ll make completed, publishable games, using an interdisciplinary approach that distinguishes this Game Development course from the rest. Supported by our world class teaching faculty and Industry Link teams, you’ll gain exactly the type of experience needed for employment in the games industry or to start up your own independent game development studio.