ACM Back To Campus: The Return Of ACM Campus Tours

11 May 2021

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

For the next instalment of our Back To Campus blog series, we caught up with ACM’s Events Team and designated Campus Tour Guides! They updated us on our upcoming Campus Tours across our three campuses in Guildford, London and Birmingham. Book yourself onto one of our Campus Tours and Open Days today via our website.

Simba Mlambo, Katie Kukla and Nicole Ireland (ACM Events/Outreach Managers and Campus Tour Guides)

1) Tell us a little bit about your experience as a Tour Guide and what people can expect from an ACM Campus Tour?

We are really excited to be bringing back our in person campus tours. Being a tour guide at ACM means we get to meet and greet all of our prospective students and show them all of the fantastic facilities they could be using if they join us at ACM. We love meeting our prospective students and giving them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about our facilities, courses and application process. 

If you join us on an ACM campus tour you can expect a full tour of the facilities, time after for any questions you may have and we will also help you along your application journey if you need help at all. 

2) What COVID protocols will be in place to ensure everyone’s safety at ACM during in-person events?

The tours will be slightly different to how we used to run them.. however everyones safety in paramount to us here at ACM. We will only ever take 1 person and 1 guest on a tour. These means there should only be three of us on a tour at anyone time together. We also ask you to wear a face covering, and checking in with our COVID Marshall on the door who will take your temperature etc.  Should you feel unwell before the tour please do let us know and we can reschedule the tour for you.

3) Are there any differences between each campus? 

ACM Guildford

Each campus is different and has a different vibe, that’s what we love about working at ACM. Guildford is our largest campus which has been around for over 25 years now, Guildford also has a multitude of different buildings. Guildford is based in Surrey and is a very quick commute to London which makes it a fantastic location should you want to study outside of London but be able to get into the City quickly. We have loads of local connections with music venues in Guildford, so we are really well established and connected. 

ACM London front copy
ACM London

Our London campus is set in the heart of very desirable Clapham, it is a smaller campus and is only the one building. The facilities in London are fantastic, with the addition of some brilliant Games Development rooms. Our London students really love the community feel, it’s really lovely to see students connect with each other and create bands etc. Clapham is a fantastic area of London, again we have made some brilliant connections with local venues for our students to utilise. 

ACM Birmingham
ACM Birmingham

And last but by no means least our Birmingham campus sits just outside of the trendy Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Our Birmingham campus is also slightly smaller than Guildford, with it being a one-building campus, but again our students really love the community feel and close connections they have with their peers and staff! Birmingham has such an array of music within the city itself and it is really up and coming, there are always new music venues popping up and new events too! We have just built a brand new SSL studio at our Birmingham campus, it really is amazing! 

Please do join us on our campus tours to find out more and experience some of the amazing locations that we are based in! 

4) How can people reach out to you in the future if they have any further questions?

If anyone has any questions about campus tours or open days please feel free to contact our events team at To contact our admissions team about courses and applying please contact We can’t wait to see you soon!

Subject Specialists

We understand how important it is to feel supported at ACM, so we are proud to introduce our Subject Specialists! Applicants are encouraged to contact our Subject Specialists directly via their profiles on our website, giving you the opportunity to discuss anything about our courses, the application process, auditions and more, to ensure you are clear on what is on offer and feel confident in the decisions you are making.

Speak with one of our Subject Specialists today via our website!