ACM Back To Campus: Interview with Game Development Course Leader, David McGreene

07 Apr 2021

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We had the pleasure of catching up with ACM Game Development and Futures Course Leader, David McGreene, as we see our students return to campus. David spoke about his role at ACM, our brand new Game Development Course launching in Guildford,
as well as key advice and information for students over the coming months. Watch the video below to learn more David’s role as one of our Subject Specialists!

ACM Subject Specialist – David McGreene

1) Tell us a little about yourself and your role at ACM?

My name is David McGreene, and I’m the course leader and a subject specialist here at ACM, where I oversee and run the game’s development and futures degree programme, but I am also a tutor on the design pathway.

2) How has the Game Dev Department been working towards returning to campus? 

With the pandemic, we have been using new tools and ways of working, which have been excellent for game development and our degree programme delivery. We will continue to bring these forward with us where most effective, supporting students even when returning to campus and beyond.

3) Do you have any advice for students over the coming months? 

My advice for any students is to be proactive. If there is an area of game development that interests you, start coming up with ideas for a project or ideas based on existing games and just start making things with the available tools you can access, this helps build up not only your skills but also a portfolio of work. Lastly, also participate in any online events like game jams.

4) Where can the community learn more about the Game Development Course?

For more information about the course, you can visit the ACM game development course page here:

5) How has the last year been for you and what have you learnt?

With the pandemic and lockdowns, there has been reliance on remote based working, this has been different to the norm I’m used to prior covid-19, but there have been lots of positives which have been a consequence, in particular, the ways we as staff have worked together collaboratively using new methods and delivery tools for the course but additionally how we have engaged with students using new technology has been great to learn during this time.  

6) Tell us about the new Game Development course launching in Guildford?

We are proud to be launching our accelerated Games Development and Futures Degree in Guildford. This is in a two-year format where students learn and develop the skills necessary for creating games and in a chosen specialism with our five pathways which are game design, programming, art, audio and business but also students apply these skills in a collaborative context working with fellow developers in all specialisms.

7) How can students contact you for more information?

If you would like to find out any information regarding the Game Development and Futures Degree, you can contact me at

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