Current students can upgrade their degree level course to ACM’s Level 7 MCCI Masters course.

Current ACM students in level 6 who wish to transfer to ACM’s new Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries can do so! However, you can only do this before you graduate so express your interest as soon as possible!

You can change your course to swap your undergraduate degree for an integrated Masters postgraduate degree.

This will give you:

  • Another academic year at any ACM campus of your choice including a remote learning option
  • An additional year of student maintenance loan as well as fees, if eligible for UK student finance which is ONLY available for students on an integrated masters programme.
  • A postgraduate experience which is a step change from your undergraduate studies and has more currency with employers.

What is an integrated masters programme?

An integrated masters is a course that includes a degree and masters in one qualification. Students will graduate with a single certificate at postgraduate master’s level.

At ACM you can study an integrated masters as a 3-year accelerated course, or in the traditional 4-year study mode. In both instances the final year is the ‘masters’ year where you will complete a full 180 credit masters. Students who complete this course will be awarded a Masters in the Cultural & Creative Industries (MCCI)

If I am a Level 6 student at ACM, how can I make this happen?

You can transfer the 360 credits for your up-and-coming undergraduate ACM Music Industry Practice Degree onto the Integrated Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries (Music) BUT ONLY BEFORE you officially graduate with your ACM degree.

Postgraduate characteristics of students who have completed the Master’s in Cultural and Creative Industries.You will graduate with the MCCI knowing who you are as a professional, with the agility and adaptability to learn as you go as well as deliver your skills in a range of contexts. You will be able to strategically articulate your value and the value of your work to others within and beyond the creative industries and possess the evidence-base, knowledge and confidence to acquire creative and other professional work opportunities.

What will I study during the Masters Programme?

Term One:You will engage in meeting the requirements of a Professional Practice Framework that will enable you to reflect on your studies, work and life experience and examine your creative practice or enterprise skills in detail. You will identify gaps and upskill in relevant areas as part of your continuous professional development. You will align your professional and personal goals based on your values and generate a specific sense of your career direction based on this. This clear sense of direction will influence your choice of applied research project.

Term Two:You will begin your applied research, which is likely to be a body of work, a proof of concept or a minimum viable project rather than a dissertation and that must include input from external collaborators or stakeholders. You will learn how a range of other industries innovate and how to transfer your own significant creative competences into broader industry contexts to meet challenges or problem-solve and to effectively communicate and pitch these. This will help you to effectively pitch your own innovations to a diverse range of potential audiences, investors or supporters.

Term Three: You will complete your applied research and be acutely aware of the value and impact of your project and to whom. You will have realised the prototype and charted and critically reflected the journey through which you have explored, defined, examined, tested, collaborated and problem-solved. You will strategically align and build your network from making connections that form around your applied research project and work practices that will transform into a community of stakeholders, interested investors of time or cash, potential customers, audiences or prospective employers.

More information about the Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries. 

Express your interest to:

Dr. Denise Stanley ( and we will invite you to a Q&A Hangout.