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Games companies: Bullfrog, Di, Pepper’s Ghost. Artist for Microsoft, Google, Smart.


Paul is an experienced 2D and 3D artist using both digital and traditional media. On computer his favourite applications are Photoshop, Procreate, ArtRage, 3DS Max, Snapseed, Sculpt GL and Paint 3D (yes, really). Using traditional media Paul is well practised in ink, watercolour, pencil and acrylics.

Paul’s has worked on a wide range of games and application demos using everything from Interactive Whiteboard note apps to VR art tools. He’s had artwork exhibited across the world and been used as an exemplar artist for a range of applications including Fresh Paint, ArtRage, Eazel, Photoshop, OneNote and more.

As well as teaching at the ACM Paul runs the cosplay life drawing evenings and FE Game Jam sessions. He’s also written and drawn eight published works and is currently working on the ninth.

As a fan of a wide range of visual and printed media Paul is well placed to offer advice and guidance on theme, form, flow, inspiration and excitement in a wide range of game and entertainment industry standards.

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