Top Tracks Of The Week Featuring Ari Tahan, Sam Lucas and More

19 Jul 2019

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A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked to end your week on a high. Discover more on our This Is ACM playlist!

Ari Tahan – Idiot

Intertwining uplifting pop with symphonic strings, Ari Tahan gives the classically-influenced group Clean Bandit a clear nod within her new track ‘Idiot’. With lyrics that’ll have you marching to your ex-partners house to tell them what’s what, this song is a sassy, fist-pumping ballad that’s destined to be your new favourite. 

Owen Petch – Burnout

Overworking yourself into a burnout is not a pleasant experience. Owen Petch’s ‘Burnout’ however, will leave you feeling a little differently. This song is a minimalistic, electro-pop masterpiece that’s ready to usher listeners into a deep, chilled-out trance. Settle down this weekend with one of ACM’s best and listen below.

Sam Lucas ft. Lauren Nicole 

Calling all club DJ’s – slot this track onto your setlist, sit back, and enjoy the chaos that unfolds. Ruled by a bouncing synth bass-line and a flawless beat, this song is a stunning addition to Sam Lucas’s discography. In simple terms? ‘Rum & Coke’ is a banger. 

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