Top Tracks of the Month Featuring Céline and The Blue, Daisy Phillips and LongDayLateNight

29 Nov 2019

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked from a range of this month’s latest tracks. Discover more on the This Is ACM playlist!

Céline and The Blue – Learn To Be Alone

No stranger to ACM’s top tracks of the month, ACM alumni Céline and The Blue return with their new single Learn To Be Alone. From the opening chords, Learn To Be Alone showcases what the band does best, pure jazz. A single for the singles out there, Céline’s timeless vocals talk about the need to discover who you really are, rather than smothering your own wants for someone else. Learn more about the band and their upcoming shows via their Instagram. 

Tilly Valentine – Fit For A King

Fit For A King is the latest in a string of self-released singles from Oxford’s Tilly Valentine. Already championed by Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, before it was added to the BBC Introducing playlist and receiving airtime on BBC 1Xtra, the song works its way into your head, blending jazz, soul and pop. Tilly’s vocals effortlessly shifts along her range as she sings about everything her ex is missing. Keep up to date with everything Tilly Valentine through her website.

BRUCH – We Don’t Care About You

The last few years have introduced the UK to a host of young female talent that pushes the boundaries of what we traditionally see as pop, and BRUCH is well on her way to joining the list. Her new single We Don’t Care About You is truly unique. Joining her ‘eagle-high vocals’ with a fantastically composed instrumental that keeps mixing it up and changing throughout – one moment it makes you want to dance, while the next you want to just stop everything and appreciate the art you’re listening to. Keep an eye on her Twitter for what she’s got coming up.

Elena Ramona and Alice Milburn – Consequences

Consequences is the new collaboration between ACM alumna Elena Ramona and current ACM student Alice Milburn. Stripped back, featuring just the two vocalists backed by a piano, the single reminisces over a relationship that slowly turned sour. The song acts as a realisation for the artists that after the break up, that maybe there was more bad in there from the start than they realised. Keep up with Elena Ramona via her Twitter and Alice Milburn through her Facebook.

Joe Carabine – I Don’t Recognise Myself

Current ACM student Joe Carabine ends the year with his latest single I Don’t Recognise Myself. The track starts slowly, with a simple guitar riff that repeats throughout the track as the instrumentals slowly build around it until it peaks and explodes. Joe’s vocals grow with the rest of the music, starting soft before really exposing the powerful voice he possesses. With clear influences from bands like the Arctic Monkeys and The 1975, I Don’t Recognise Myself is, quite simply, an excellent indie-rock tune. For updates on Joe’s upcoming shows and further singles, follow his Facebook.

Daisy Phillips – Safety Blanket

Daisy Phillips returns with another thoughtful single Safety Blanket. The track speaks openly about insecurities many can relate to, fear of being alone. Softly sung, with just a guitar to back her up, Safety Blanket might not be the most uplifting song on this list, but remains beautifully honest in its lyrics and composition. Check out Daisy’s Spotify for more of her unique brand of songwriting.

Luke Lorenz and LÚNA – Worship

A brilliantly bold and energetic track featuring ACM artists and up and coming rapping superstars Luke Lorenz and LÚNA. Worship grabs you immediately and keeps you guessing while both artists expertly showcase their dynamic flow. Learn more about what Luke and LÚNA have coming up next on Instagram!

Paris Christofi – Can You Tell Me

With Can You Tell Me, ACM student Paris Christofi delivers an uplifting single that contrasts starkly to lyrics. Closing with a powerful solo, reminiscent of 80s power ballads, the track is a mix of genres that has something to appeal to everyone. And, with a number one in Cyprus already under his belt, Paris has created a sound that speaks to fans around the world. There’s a lot more to come from this artist, so keep an eye on his Facebook.

LongDayLateNight – A Cry For Help

Reading natives and ACM Alumni LongDayLateNight return with their new power indie banger A Cry For Help! Signed to ACM’s own label Metropolis Blue, it’s been a year of strong releases from the band, and they’ve really not bucked the trend with this latest single. With influences from across the indie spectrum, A Cry For Help is exactly what you need to kick out those winter blues. This isn’t the kind of band you can just listen to though, you need to go and see them live to really take in the full LongDayLateNight experience, so watch out for their next live show near you on their Facebook.

Eloise Kate – On My Mind

With On My Mind Eloise Kate delivers a wonderfully layered, beautifully produced acoustic single. Vocally, the track is almost haunting as she sings a story of sleepless nights longing for someone she’s willing to go the extra mile and break her own rules for. For an artist just setting out on her career as an artist, Eloise has already found the sound and style that she fits perfectly into. There’s so much more to come from this ACM student, so don’t miss out and follow her on Facebook.

Ahmed Zou – One Night Only

With an EP as strong as Ahmed Zou’s latest release Masqline, it’s hard to pick just one to review. However, coming out top for just pure laid-back vibes is One Night Only. It’s the epitome of easy listening, with amazing production, smooth instrumental backing and beautifully layered vocals, this is the kind of song you need after a long day.  There aren’t many artists out there creating music with this kind of classic R&B feel, so this is just one track on an EP you’ll be sure to have on repeat. Make sure to learn more about Ahmed Zou via Instagram!

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