Top Tracks of the Month Featuring BRUCH, Skunk Anansie and Liza Lo

28 Feb 2020

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A selection of ACM’s finest artists, hand-picked from a range of this month’s latest tracks. Discover more on the This Is ACM playlist!

BRUCH – Hold On

ACM student BRUCH returns with her first release of 2020, Hold On, a synth-pop track that runs in the vein of artists such as Imogen Heap and Bjork. As with much of BRUCH’s music, the lyrics are deeply personal, described by the artist herself as relating to ‘the link between psychological turmoil and physical side-effects’. BRUCH’s ethereal vocals are laid on top of a masterfully produced beat that rises to a powerful crescendo. BRUCH’s next gig is in Southampton on March 7th for a special International Women’s Day gig, and keep up to date with all of her new releases via her Twitter.

Skunk Anansie – This Means War

One of the benefits of studying at ACM are its uniquely qualified tutors. No more is this thrown into the spotlight than with Ace, Director of Creative Industry, and guitarist with the legendary Skunk Anansie, who are storming into the new year with This Means War. Initially played on their 25LIVE@25 tour last year, the song became such a fan favourite, it was polished up as their first single of 2020. This song features everything fans have come to love about Skunk Anansie: explosive lyrics, nuts solos and the expectation of knockout gigs. Catch Ace imparting pearls of wisdom in the halls of ACM, and head down to see Skunk Anansie on their upcoming headline tour.

Liza Lo – Palmyra

ACM alumna Liza Lo’s latest track Palmyra, a duet with Khotton Palm, is an excellent example of the ingenuity ACM artists possess. Liza’s vocals swim dreamily over an instrumental that starts with a simple, solo laid-back piano, breaking into an electronic beat, before layering on an acoustic guitar. Altogether, it seems as though it’s almost three tracks that seamlessly weave together into one. Released via ACM’s student label Metropolis Blue, the single has already been added to Spotify’s ‘Slow Movement’ playlist. Follow Liza on Instagram to find out when she’s next performing.

AMBERLAKE – Out of our Minds

Amberlake is Emma Dickson and ACM alumnus Nick Tsang – two highly accomplished session musicians who came together to put their own spin on the alt-pop scene. Their latest single, Out of Our Minds is just begging to be synched – where it will be sure to be the standout track of whichever commercial, movie or TV show that grabs it. With the target of releasing new music every three weeks in 2020, you can bet this won’t be the last time that Amberlake feature on ACM’s Top Tracks of the Month.

HXLMXS – Keeping My Mouth Shut

Daniel Holmes, who performs under the phonetics-defying HXLMXS, enters into this month’s ACM Top Tracks list with his second release Keeping My Mouth Shut. The song speaks about biting your tongue when you want to know whether the person you want most in your life has the same feelings. This track should earn a place on any playlist of new music, but you can tell that the live version is where it will really come alive. Follow him on Instagram for information on all his new releases, as well as the opportunity to ask him just how you pronounce HXLMXS.

Sam Hurst – Enemies

ACM alumnus Sam Hurst enters 2020 with his third release, Enemies. A musician almost since birth, Sam has been performing since he was nine years old. Though trained in guitar since an early age, Hurst has moved away from his roots to forge career as an R&B/Hip Hop artist. A mellow, sombre track, Enemies is about being pushed to breaking point by someone you thought were close to. This is definitely one to listen to when you need to wind down. Keep track of Sam via his Instagram for all his latest releases and live shows.

Break Fifty – The Pain

Break Fifty are like nothing else on this month’s Top Tracks. Hailing from Surrey, the band are a worthy addition to Britain’s Nu-Metal scene. With clear influences from bands like Slipknot and Korn, their new single The Pain hits you with filthily heavy guitar from its first beat. With a lengthy intro that will leave audiences exhausted from moshing, the vocals break in with an utterly powerful performance from vocalist Hugo Knight. This is a truly collaborative song, with every member adding something to the wall of sound it creates. This song will make your ears bleed in the best way. Watch out for their next live show by giving them a like on Facebook.

Joe Carabine – Lonely Love

The first thing Joe Carabine’s Spotify bio describes his music as is ‘sad rock’. Without listening deeper, his latest single Lonely Love might appear to buck this trend. Musically, it’s upbeat – almost a summer track that you could imagine closing a perfect night at a festival. But the instrumentals stand in stark contrast to the lyrical content: ‘yeah I feel dead inside sometimes/almost every night’. However, the dichotomy only serves to make the song more powerful. A pure indie banger, Lonely Love’s vocals benefit from an occasional lilt reminiscent of Alex Turner or Jarvis Cocker. Set for a massive 2020, with two EPs already on the horizon – follow Joe on Facebook so you don’t miss out on this up and coming musician.

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