Passionate about creativity, and looking to qualify for a full degree, then our foundation year is for you!

Our foundation year combines academic skills with real life creative projects to give you the experience you need to begin your career within the creative industries.

If you’re passionate about creativity, but don’t have the right qualifications for our full degree, then our foundation year is for you.

For budding producers, musicians, creative artists and songwriters. Whatever your age and background, our aim is to support your learning journey.

Our foundation programme has been carefully designed and crafted to build your confidence, creative skills within your discipline and develop your essential academic skills to prepare you for succeeding at Degree level.

We use a variety of teaching methods to support your learning that may include:

  • Lectures and seminars both online and in person
  • Discipline specific skills units
  • Online activities
  • Access to masterclasses and workshops
  • Independent study
  • Portfolio building
  • Collaborative projects

Throughout the foundation programme, you can expect to engage in a variety of academic and skills based modules in line with your chosen discipline such as:

  • Portfolio Development
  • Creative Project Management
  • Academic Practice & Effective Communication
  • Introduction to Songwriting & Song Structure
  • Introduction to Production & Digital Software
  • Introduction to Instrumental Development
  • Introduction to Stagecraft, Collaboration & Performance
  • Introduction to Synthesis & Sound Design
  • Introduction to Music Theory


We are running a community foundation year in collaboration with creative community-based learning organisations in March 2023 . If you would like to enroll for this or your organisation would like to participate please email

Welcome to Creative Industries Futures right now!