SSL Sessions

25 Apr 2024

Jack speaks to Lily Powell about her recent endeavour The SSL Sessions. A series of recorded live performances offering artists the chance to perform and receive studio quality accompanying visual media.

The SSL Sessions are an amazing entirely student-led project spearheaded by Lily Powell and videographer Erik Davis. Inviting students to Guilford’s SSL studio where they shoot live lounge style sessions of original and cover performances. Allowing the artists to perform music of their choosing whilst generating this high quality and authentic recording that in watching you feel practically present. 

Split into Volumes, the SSL Sessions have already featured performances from Freja Lucy, Toby Proctor and Huw Lloyd. A multimedia showcase of talent and musicality, SSL Sessions allow artists to honestly represent themselves and their craft while presenting with a studio quality recording. 

Constantly in conversation with the lead engineers at Metropolis, the SSL Sessions team are constantly learning and improving their craft and maintaining a presence at a professional level as curators and content creators.

With aspirations to one day host a ‘Live at Metropolis Studios,’ and working on expanding into various genres with a rap and DJ showcase in the works already. Forming bonds at every session with the artists and all involved, the set seems the perfect plays for a bit of lighthearted networking while having fun recording and making music.

Any artists eager to get involved with the SSL Sessions project can contact @SSLSessions on Instagram or via email at

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