Single | No Cash Refunds – I Need You

10 Nov 2023

When the time comes that the face of popular punk, Johnny Lydon once Johnny Rotten the face of the Sex Pistols, is advertising British butter then you know it’s time for the music press to stop comparing the value of a new musical genre and scene to the impact that punk has on culture. It’s OK to be accomplished and want to make it big. Although Blur and Oasis will never be forgiven, Nirvana never forgotten. 

Universities like ACM have been around for thirty years now. Our dropout student, Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest selling artists worldwide. 

But don’t panic, No Cash Refunds is more spine-chilling than nice, fuelled by a trip-hop backbone and a groove; I Need You is bare truth and studio harmonies that croon “You’re So Needy” the voice of London singer and songwriter billie-angela. In the case of the latest track All Your Dreams, with lyrics and a rap that are ironic and observational, we hope, there will be no comment until we can ask them ourselves. Go listen and have your say. Send your thoughts to 

No Cash Refunds will be releasing his new single Bubblegum GF on Wednesday, 15 November.