Sam Parker – I Choose Life

30 May 2018

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There’s something about that classic Fender Rhodes sound that catches our attention every time…

Sam Parker’s new track ‘I Choose Life’ is no different! We had a sit down with the Music Production student to check out ‘I Choose Life’ and to find out who we should be listening to right now…

Introduce yourself…

“My name is Sam Parker, I am a British music producer and keys player living in Surrey, inspired by the likes of Robert Glasper, Hiatus Kayote, Anomalie and Tennyson. I have worked with over 30 individual artists over the last 3 years alone who have gone on to perform on shows like ITV’s “The voice” and I’m working with one artist currently touring with Emile Sande! I am currently studying on my final year of my degree in music production. I began to take an interest in music at the age of 6 when I was given a small Casio keyboard for Christmas and began taking lessons. I then saw the potential to begin recording myself and for other artists. In 2014 I began taking an interest into Music production. Combining both my performance and songwriting skills and my production skills allowed me to be a fully flexed music producer.”

What’s the story behind new track ‘I Choose life’?

“I began writing ‘I choose life’ at the end of last year at a friends house one evening. It was initially going towards the direction of electronic drums with a mixture of electronic and contemporary instruments. Including the classic fender Rhodes sound, combined with the use of a complex drum groove which was going to be sampled from a Nate Smith sample pack.”

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Tell us about the recording process for the new single.

“I decided to take the groove to the incredible Ishara Andrews who recently has just finished her degree at ACM. Within minutes of being in the studio, she began to structure the most incredible groove that fitted perfectly with the track. Originally, I wasn’t going to have vocals on the track, but I decided to bring in the wonderful Tahirah Andrews who I’ve worked with previously. She began writing the top line melody and the lyrics and then we began fitting the vocal with the track. It fit seamlessly. When I got home I re-recorded the parts so everything fitted perfectly.”

Who should we be listening to right now?

“People who inspire me include the likes of: Robert Glasper, Tennyson, Rob Araujo, Anomalie, as well as other artists including: Kendrick Lamar, Terrice Martin and Chris Dave. The list honestly doesn’t stop!”

What does the rest of 2018 have in store?

“This being my last year at ACM. I am now beginning to self release all my music over the last few years that I have created. I am working with lots of artists and producers around London to further push my brand. I have completed the redesign of my website now and have competed my e-Portfollio ready for clients to view for future work. Alongside this, I have 4-5 final performances booked in for performance students towards the end of the year and am now co-writing with an artist and producer from north London on her new E.P. So, I have an incredibly busy but exciting few months ahead!”

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