rhirhi @ The Cavern, London

14 Feb 2024

Jack follows up our introducing piece on rhiri to see how she fairs in a live setting 

The Cavern has long been one of South London’s best-kept secrets. Tucked in the corner of its stage rhirhi reminds us all that a little sadness shared is a little sadness healed. Privy to hard rock and even heavier metal, she packed a punch just as hard – minus the pit of course.

Performing Happier Today and Bittersweet for the first time, before they even hit streaming sites, amid a mix of originals and a few covers. Faithfully covering The Beatles in tribute to the venue’s namesake in Liverpool. Going guitarless for Eleven Eleven, the dimly lit floor was drowned in silky, often sultry vocals. 

A sound ripped from the turn of the centre, she seems to channel that anxious energy that once propelled many to fame – there’s a shadow of Kate Bush twinged with an admittedly calmer Avril Lavinge developing in our scene as you read. There’s no fear of missing out when you throw yourself into the turf. That anxiety though does not affect her conviction.

With a rolling vocal range, shifting from powerful belts of woe and spine-tingling whispers of promise yet never losing that pull, the focus was set on her alone up there bringing everything together.

Several patrons took the time between sips to let you know, “Cavern’s a place to cut your teeth; plenty greats played here first and they came back.” Whether we’ll see this night repeated, it’s too early to say but once you leave out into the biting cold you wish for more.