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Interview: ACM Alumnus Joseph Francis

03 Jan 2019

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

From featuring on BBC Introducing to performing at Amsterdam’s Spring Break, ACM Alumnus Joseph Francis has been up to a lot since graduating from his Electronic Music Production Degree in 2017.

We caught up with him to find out more about what’s been happening since he left our Guildford campus…

What course did you study on at ACM and what were your main takeaways from that course?

“I studied a BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production Degree. I would say my main takeaways were to become more open-minded about different genres and techniques as there are so many sounds and ideas floating around from your fellow producers and teachers.

The course also helps in keeping you organised in meeting deadlines, finding something new in yourself, building a community and coming out of ACM feeling you can pursue your dreams.”

What have you been up to since graduating – any career highlights so far?

“As the saying goes, ‘rome wasn’t built in a day’ so if you are expecting something straight away after graduation just be patient and your time will come.

I’ve had a slow start like most people in the world, but my music has been aired twice on ‘BBC Introducing’. In 2018 I released the track Faded on the 3000 Bass label under the name Sheppy, and I have DJ’d alongside big and upcoming talents.

I became a member of Dirty House under my new alias BAYOU, Dirty House perform in various places playing mainly Tech House.

Under the name Sheppy where my music is based around Bass genres, I will be releasing a track at the start of the year which will be hosted by 3000 Bass once again.

Moving, moving & moving!

After graduation I remained in Guildford for a good year where I considered my next options before moving to London. I am now finding my feet and establishing myself around the scene which has led to further bookings and connections within the industry.”

You’re performing at Spring Break Amsterdam, how did that opportunity come about and what can we expect from that performance?

“I can safely say that I can’t wait for that moment to come! For a while now I have been waiting for something like this to happen and hopefully it opens doors for me.

Reassuringly I got the opportunity the old fashion way by simply talking to people and socialising. Having music as the biggest part of my life, socialising was a weak point and I never really knew how to engage with people about getting bookings. Keep yourself interacting with various people because you never know what may come about.

For the performance expect to see Sheppy give you a Bass Bunker session!”

What would be your advice to other students looking to make the most out of ACM and kick-start their careers in the creative industries?

“My advice to fellow producers or any other creative minds in ACM is to be strong and patient, learn from others, show respect and work hard. Working hard for what you want has been a big achievement not only me but others too.

Remember to be socially active, go to events and do your research because everybody is there to do the same thing as you. You want to stand out make yourself heard with your music and your voice.

Although don’t forget rest is a must, you are not a machine that can keep going forever.”

What’s next for you and where can we find your music online?

“At the moment I am building on what I have and keeping myself motivated by meeting new people and exploring new opportunities. Who knows what that will occur!

BAYOU is still experimenting but you can find Sheppy on: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, and Amazon.”

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