ACM Introduces Tech Corner

03 Nov 2020

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Tech Corner is a brand new series of content hosted on ACM TV, ACM’s community-led YouTube Channel. With reviews, tutorials and more featured across the series, we caught up with Ace to learn what it’s all about, and how you can get involved…

Tech Corner: Episode 1

What is Tech Corner and how did the idea for it come about?

“Tech Corner is an area on ACM TV where students and tutors explore different types of tech across ACM and the cohort. This can be reviewing, testing and the pushing to the limits of any equipment and software. It shows tech inside of the college, but as we know many of our students are professionally active outside of the classes too and have lots of knowledge to share from there too.

It came about, as we discovered that students were using all different kinds of equipment to achieve professional results in their ACM projects and outside industry work.”

Tell us about the kind of videos we can expect to see on the Tech Corner playlist?

“The kind of videos you will see on Tech Corner will be dependent on what the students are interested in and what they are using. For example, Shea Stedford has made videos on synthesis and sampling vocals whereas other students have made videos on mix software and vocal alignment software. The sky’s the limit as students can review guitars, amps and pedals as well as microphones and hardware across the campuses, as well as their own choices at home.”

Tech Corner: Episode 2

How can students get involved with Tech Corner?

“This is easy, they can either drop a line to their tutor or level leader or directly to me at We’ll discuss what they would like to do and put them on the right track! Will be also involving our brand partners in these videos.”

How important is content like this in the current climate of the world?

“This content is really important. Not only is it fun and it shows the kind of equipment that is available at ACM for students, it also shows what we are currently working on right up to date in the music industry that helps forge a professional career. Being current and up-to-date with your equipment and work processes is really important these days in the industry.”

What do you hope students will take away from the content hosted via Tech Corner?

“Firstly, I’d like to see their interests spark to involvement for them to add their reviews and testing to our growing knowledge base for their peers.

But for people who are just viewing, it will give an up-to-date overview of products that they can check out that work for their professional careers. Also that they are in use by their peers within the ACM community involving the facilities available here as well as outside recommendations.”

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