Introducing… Simple Fiction

13 Feb 2018

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Introducing Simple Fiction… your favourite new indie three-piece.

We caught up with the guys having recently released their new track ‘Enough’, which we hope you’ll agree is fully fledged banger…

Introduce Simple Fiction. How did you guys meet?

“Simple Fiction are a three piece indie rock band, combining everything you know and love about indie rock, reinventing it in a familiar yet new exterior.”

“We started playing together last January, after I sent a demo the other guys liked. From there we met up a few times per-month to work through original material. We took our time to develop before we released anything officially, so it was a big relief when ‘Enough’ was ready to share, having had it in the development stages for so long. “

What’s the story behind ‘Enough’?

“The inspiration for ‘Enough’ came from the way you try to evaluate yourself through the perspective of someone you want to be with, and only seeing the inadequate qualities making you believe that you shouldn’t be with them. But, you know how much you want it, so it’s effectively an insecure team talk where I try and convince myself that I can be good enough for someone else.”

Tell us about the recording process…

“The recording process was pretty straight forward, we recorded drums and bass live together in the SSL studio, then added vocals and guitars afterwards in a home studio. When we perform live we bring in a session bassist, however we still record as a three piece, with Carlos recording bass.”

What’s next for Simple Fiction?

“We have a very exciting year planned, we are aiming to record a few more tracks soon, releasing another single around March time with some gigs to support it too! In the mean time we have the video for ‘Enough’ coming out in the next few weeks, so we’re really looking forward to sharing that with everyone!”

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