Introducing… Science of the Lamps

11 Apr 2018

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Chief LampScientist… now that’s a title to be worn with pride!

Kaya Carney, Senior Lecturer here at ACM, also goes by the name of Chief LampScientist. Her band Science of the Lamps have recently released new tune ‘Through My Father’s Eyes’ so we sat down with Kaya to find out more about the band and just how many people involved are connected to ACM…

Introduce Science of the Lamps…

“Science of the Lamps is a collective of musicians, or “LampScientists” as we like to call ourselves, that I front. We are based all over the country with band members in Liverpool and London. Our latest single ‘Through My Father’s Eyes’ was recorded with other ACM tutors and Alumni before being mastered at Metropolis.

Last year was a relatively hectic year of gigging around the UK, including festivals and gigs in Liverpool, Bury, Aberdeen, Warwick, Oxford, London and in New York for New Year’s Eve at the renowned Rockwood Music Hall!”

What’s the story behind new track ‘Through My Father’s Eyes’?

“The song is a tale of childhood memories and family resemblance, released four years after I lost my father to a sudden heart attack at just 63 years of age. There’s a double meaning of being able to see him in the mirror but also hoping that I’m able to continue to see the world in the same optimistic way that he did… it’s melancholic but hopeful!

The artwork is by my good friend and fellow Norwegian; Tone Blomli Johnsen. Tone originally came over to stay for two months but ended up staying for two years back when I was still based in Liverpool. It’s dubbed as my ‘grief portrait’ and captures the perfect amount of sadness yet full of beauty and courage.”

Tell us about the recording process for the new single.

“We recorded the track at Big Smoke Studios, where it was co-produced with fellow ACM tutor, Mark Brocklesby. I also happen to have known Mark for many years before ACM from my time living in Liverpool. ACM Alumni Arjun Doel was the mix engineer on this track.

For this one, a scratch track was made first with keys and vocals, then we overdubbed the rest; sample pad played in live, bass, electric guitar and the backing vocals. There is also a vocoded vocal line throughout. Eventually we headed over to ACM’s partner Metropolis Studios to complete the mastering process.”

Credits for single are as follows:

  • ‘Through My Father’s Eyes’ single by Science of the Lamps.
  • Recording engineer Josh Diamond.
  • Mix engineer Arjun Doel (ACM Alumni)
  • Produced by Kaya & Mark Brocklesby (ACM Tutors)
  • Executive Producers : Big Smoke Studios London
  • Mastered at Metropolis Studios by Peter Hewitt-Dutton

Arranged and performed by Science of the Lamps:

  • Kaya Herstad-Carney – vox / keys / vocoder (ACM Tutor)
  • Giles Stelfox – drum kit / samplepad (ACM Alumni)
  • Dean Parker – electric guitar (ACM Alumni and House Band MD)
  • Craig Lowe – bass (ACM Tutor)
  • Fiona Currie, Emily Rose, Victoria Bass – backing vocals (ACM Alumni)

Original Album Artwork by Tone Blomli Johnsen

Logo by Kaya Herstad-Carney

Written by Kaya Herstad-Carney (2015)

What’s next for Science of the Lamps?

“After a very hectic gigging schedule last year, 2018 is more focused around recording the album ‘Nightmarine’, also at Big Smoke Studios. Myself and Mark Brocklesby are producing the album together with a cast combination of old contacts in collaboration with other ACM staff, alumni and students out later this year!”


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