Introducing… BRUCH

19 Dec 2017

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The electronic artist talks music, inspirations, and climate change.

BRUCH is a singer-songwriter from the south of England. Her sound is clearly defined by her self-produced tracks, combining world music, electronica and Nordic influences with a love and kinship for the natural world. She also studies on the Vocals Diploma at ACM Guildford.

Her most recent release, Empty Land, tells the story of possible devastation as a result of global warming. The song was chosen to be played on BBC Introducing recently, with incredible feedback.

We spoke to her to find out more.

Hi BRUCH! What first inspired you to get into music?

Blackham images BRUCH Tileyard.jpgBoth of my parents were in the arts, working in musical theatre, cabaret, music and dance, so it’s somewhat ingrained into me, and I’ve grown up surrounded by lots of different musical tastes. I’ve always taken up hobbies such as music and dance since a young age, but only began taking music seriously last year when I decided I wanted to have a career in the industry. I discovered many new artists such as Bjork, Aurora, Beltaine, and finally realised exactly what type of music I wanted to create – this sparked my creativity and pushed me further on my journey as an artist.

What do you write music about?

My main inspiration is nature, as I feel such a strong connection to it, as well as the moon and stars. I find it really difficult to write about relationships, and writing songs about my own experiences is very hard for me, so I tend to observe what is happening in the world around me, and write stories about that, which eventually become songs.

I’m really passionate about spreading the word of climate change and global warming through my music, because I don’t think it is highly spoken (or sung) about in this field, despite music being arguably one of the most influential things in everyone’s lives. I also feel like these issues are sugarcoated a lot, or people are just totally ignorant to them. I’m not hiding anything, I want people to know what is happening and where we’re headed as a species if our actions don’t change.

How are you finding ACM so far?

I think ACM is a really great place to expand musically and emotionally – I’ve found it so easy to express myself through music now that I am part of an institution which welcomes individuality and unique perspectives. It’s such a supportive network of professionals, all helping to push each other forward in the industry. My biggest highlight is probably getting the chance to be mentored by Kieron Pepper of the Prodigy – it’s such an amazing chance to get invaluable advice and guidance.

Who else is in the lineup of BRUCH?

As I’m a self-produced artist, and I have a lot of electronic elements in my songs, I use a click track to operate most of the sounds live. The live musical elements currently come from myself on vocals and my one-man backing band, Lloyd Griffiths on drums, who also mans the click/backing track! Up until a few weeks ago I was also accompanied on guitar by the incredible Tom Coram, who unfortunately had to retire from the BRUCH team. He showed me an immense amount of support in the beginning of my journey as an artist, so I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s so great to work with like-minded musicians who really believe in my music, and know how to enhance it onstage. They’re both amazing and have supported me so strongly throughout the time I’ve worked with them. With the help of Kieron, I’m currently working on adding a synth into my set up, to recreate more of the weird and wonderful sounds I produce into my live performance.

What have you got coming up?

BRUCH Harry Miller gigI’m currently working on my next single, ‘Welcome’, to be released at the end of December. I’m also putting together a music video for my previous release, Empty Land (this single was picked up by BBC Introducing, and I couldn’t be more proud of it)! I’m so excited to coordinate more visuals with my tracks because I feel that they really enhance an experience.

I’ve got some really exciting gigs coming up in the new year: I’ve been invited to perform at the UAL Annual Conference in London and Spectra Festival in Aberdeen in February, Yvonne Arnaud (cello and backing vocals for Harry Miller in an acoustic set) as well as performing gigs at Quay Arts on the Isle of Wight, The Loft (Basingstoke), and many other venues throughout the year. A huge highlight of 2018 is that I have been invited to perform a Live Lounge for BBC Introducing Solent, and I can’t wait!

I’m also so honoured to be curating a joint headline show in conjunction with Harry Miller, one of my all-time favourite fellow artists from ACM. It’s on 4th February 2018 at the Boileroom, and if you bring your own mug you get a free tea!

Thanks BRUCH!

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